Interview With The Vampire

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Interview With The Vampire

Lestat is persuaded to hold a lavish Mardi Gras ball before quitting New Orleans, at which several scores get settled.

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Series 1
Lestat struggles to rebuild trust with Louis over Claudia’s protests. In Dubai, Molloy continues to provoke his host.
Claudia is careless covering up her kills, endangering the 'family', but it is Louis’s continued love for her that triggers a shocking showdown.
Young novice vampire Claudia’s diaries prove revealing, with her disruptive energy underlining conflicts between Louis and Lestat.
Louis struggles to retain his humanity in the face of Lestat straying, racist regulations harming business and being spurned by his family.
Louis recounts his first faltering steps to becoming a vampire, reluctant to break ties with his family and frustrating Lestat by not embracing the murderous requirements of their situation.
Dubai, 2022. Journalist Daniel Molloy questions Louis de Pointe du Lac - not for the first time - about New Orleans in 1910, where he met the enigmatic and magnetic Lestat.