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Made in Chelsea

December 2019

Series 18 Episode 16 End of Yah Quiz

3.0 40 x
Matt Edmondson, Mollie King and the entire cast look back on another spectacular year with our favourite residents of SW3. Plus there's the very latest gossip from Jamie and Habbs, and Sam and Zara.

Series 18 Episode 15 Happy New Yah

4.0 99 x
As the SW3 cast look set for 2020, can Tristan and James bury the hatchet? Will Liv decide to focus on Harvey or try to salvage her friendship with Habbs? And can Sam and Zara make it to the new year?

Series 18 Episode 14 Christmas in Buenos Aires: Episode 3

1.5 132 x
How will Habbs cope with the news that Liv has got involved with Harvey again? Sam isn't faring well with Zara either. But can they work it out or is Sam about to face another lonely Christmas?

Series 18 Episode 13 Buenos Aires: Episode 2

4.0 136 x
After forgiving Jamie, Habbs finds herself in a confusing situation, especially when her ex implies that she is making a big mistake

Series 18 Episode 12 Buenos Aires: Episode 1

4.1 1,584 x
Buenos Aires gets off to a dramatic start for Liv and Habbs. Tristan and Verity's romance is blossoming on their trip, but will Miles lead Tristan astray?
November 2019

Series 18 Episode 11

4.5 180 x
Maeva's dad is in town and all set to meet James for the first time. But how will Maeva react when she discovers that Miles has been secretly meeting her father too?

Series 18 Episode 10

4.0 35 x
Things get complicated as Tristan is caught up in Verity and Emily's heated exchange. Sam and Jamie's friendship is back on track. Liv has questions for Digby.
October 2019

Series 18 Episode 9

4.0 12 x
Verity's crush on Tristan grows after Miles organises a night out with everyone. But when Emily goes on a date with him, the two girls' friendship is tested.

Series 18 Episode 8

3.0 16 x
Jamie is feeling down after a serious injury to his foot in a dance rehearsal. He then has a furious row with Harry, who has been stirring things up with Sam.

Series 18 Episode 7

3.0 15 x
Rosi arranges a trip to Istanbul for Maeva's birthday, but was it a mistake to invite Verity? Sam's off to Turkey with Harry, to get some distance from Jamie.
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