Made in Chelsea

October 2017

Series 14 Episode 2

3.0 24 x
Jamie and Frankie can't seem to leave the past in the past, while new kid on the block Charlie finds himself in an awkward love triangle with arch rivals Mimi and Tiff

Series 14 Episode 1

3.0 61 x
Keen to try and move on from Frankie, Jamie organises a singles party with Alex, but is his heart really in it? Tiff sees red with Mimi after announcing her plans for a vegan café.
September 2017

Series 13 Episode 11

3.5 17 x
At Binky and JP's baby shower, Ollie invites an old friend for a surprise reunion. Jamie and Frankie take time apart, but Jamie loses his cool with Harry.

Series 13 Episode 10

3.0 5 x
Binky and JP are back from their babymoon and blissfully happy. Ella is eager to put a label on her relationship with Julius, and there are more rumours about Jamie's infidelities.

Series 13 Episode 9

4.0 1 x
Harry continues to cause a stir in Chelsea, as news of a flirtatious night out threatens to rock Jamie and Frankie. And it's all change in the Thompson household as Ryan moves in.

Series 13 Episode 8

4.0 0 x
Louise is excited to discover a jewellery box, and rumours of a Chelsea engagement spread like wildfire, while Julius reels from Harry's revelation that Ella still has feeling for him

Series 13 Episode 7

4.0 3 x
Harry plans a raucous country party where he intends to charm Ella behind Julius's back. Meanwhile, Fredrik hears about Olivia's recent dalliances and asks Mimi out on a date.

Series 13 Episode 6 Made In Chelsea

3.0 3 x
Ollie gives JP a crash course on childbirth, Julius tries to make amends with Ella, and Frankie and Jamie's relationship is rocked by mutual infidelities

Series 13 Episode 5

3.5 5 x
Jamie and Sam's friendship reaches breaking point, and Olivia is shocked to see Fredrik and Mimi still flirting. Julius' love life gets complicated...

Series 13 Episode 4

4.0 7 x
Fredrik and Olivia's relationship hangs in the balance as Mimi watches from the sidelines. Sam and Jamie have a confrontation, while Louise and Rosie help Binky with some baby shopping.