Made in Chelsea

Series 26

Series 26, Episode 10

55 x
Brand new series: Ruby feels betrayed by Yas and tells her so during a tearful showdown. Liv confronts Nicole about her meddling, in a fiery reunion. (S26 Ep10)

Series 26, Episode 9

61 x
Brand new series: Lauren is furious when she finds out that Tristan and Liv have met for a secret dinner. So she decides to interrupt Liv's spa break to confront her. (S26 Ep9)

Series 26, Episode 8

53 x
Brand new series: Sam hosts a 'forgiveness dinner' to apologise to the long list of people he's hurt recently. But he may need to host a 'sorry for the forgiveness dinner' dinner. (S26 Ep8)

Series 26, Episode 7

118 x
Brand new series: Miles tells Yas that he thinks Tristan is seeing other people, leaving Tristan with some explaining to do at Liv's birthday party. Freddy returns from America. (S26 Ep7)

Series 26, Episode 6

45 x
Brand new series: Tristan organises a relaxing weekend in the country for the gang. But the only R&R they're getting is rows and recriminations when Yas turns up to confront Sam. (S26 Ep6)

Series 26, Episode 5

34 x
Brand new series: Just 24 hours after his shock breakup with Yas, Sam is spotted looking cosy with Inga. Temps finds himself isolated because of his pursuit of Liv. (S26 Ep5)

Series 26, Episode 4

39 x
Brand new series: Yas is prepared to forgive Sam after finding out he's been stalking Inga on her socials. Until another dodgy incident sparks a huge confrontation... (S26 Ep4)

Series 26, Episode 3

45 x
Brand new series: Willow confronts Harvey's old flame Lauren after being unceremoniously dumped. Sam sets out to win over Yas - but her friends don't think he's changed. (S26 Ep3)

Series 26, Episode 2

33 x
Brand new series: Sam is a social outcast after going behind Tristan's back - and things are only going to get worse for him when ex Inga approaches new beau Yas with some news... (S26 Ep2)

Series 26, Episode 1

135 x
Brand new series: The gang are back in Chelsea after a scorcher of a summer in Corsica. All the talk's about new lovebirds Sam and Yas - and Tristan's far from happy... (S26 Ep1)
Series 25

Series 25, Episode 11

159 x
Brand new series: Temps has doubts about the exclusivity of his relationship with Imogen - and Miles can't help but stick his oar in. And Reza decides to end things with Bella. (S25 Ep11)

Series 25, Episode 10

68 x
Brand new series: Yas sets the record straight with Miles, but it's not long before he's interfering in her relationship... and it's not the only romance he's keen to scrutinise. (S25 Ep10)

Series 25, Episode 9

124 x
Brand new series: Liv and Tristan's relationship is suffering after a catastrophic blowout. And Miles is determined to let everyone know he's OK with Yas dating his mate Charlie. (S25 Ep9)

Series 25, Episode 8

71 x
Brand new series: Miles is back from Canada and Yas is helping to take his mind off things. And there are fights aplenty as Freddy hosts an explosive dinner party. (S25 Ep8)

Series 25, Episode 7

132 x
Brand new series: Miles surprises his friends by revealing he's off to Canada to meet a girl he's met online. Harvey gets caught in the crossfire when two women he's dating meet. (S25 Ep7)

Series 25, Episode 6

90 x
Brand new series: Tensions between Ruby, Emily and Lily take a dramatic turn when Lily befriends Reza's new beau. And Charlie confronts Yas and Miles with some harsh home truths. (S25 Ep6)

Series 25, Episode 5

114 x
Brand new series: Maeva refuses to go to London Fashion Week because Liv and Tristan are there. And a trip to the countryside gets steamy (and messy) thanks to a drinking game. (S25 Ep5)

Series 25, Episode 4

28 x
Brand new series: Sam confronts Joel over his treatment of Inga. Meanwhile, Paris is holding a grudge against Yas. So it'd be really awkward if they ran into each other... (S25 Ep4)

Series 25, Episode 3

67 x
Brand new series: Yas reveals her true feelings about her Bali boyfriend. Robbie is torn when tensions between Inga and Joel boil over. Liv and Tristan return from South Africa. (S25 Ep3)

Series 25, Episode 2

96 x
Brand new series: Lily organises a girls' spa trip, hoping that everyone can move on from their feuds. But Ruby and Inga come to blows, and Yas's presence proves divisive. (S25 Ep2)