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Mrs Brown's Boys

Mrs Brown and the gang start the new year with a new health and fitness regime to get into shape, but a mysterious visitor to Finglas asks some difficult questions about Agnes’s past.

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December 2023
Mrs Brown just wants a quiet Christmas, but Cathy cooking Christmas dinner for the first time, her favourite decoration missing and a surprise guest all add to the chaos.
September 2023
Dermot and Maria renew their wedding vows, forcing Agnes to organise the ceremony with arch-nemesis Hillary, while a mountain trek for Fathers Damien and Trevor goes wrong.
Rumours swirl around Finglas that Agnes has won the lotto jackpot, but a DNA test and the surprise return visit of Cathy’s old friend leaves Agnes questioning her past.
Agnes volunteers at the salon and decides to try out speed-dating – what could go wrong?! Meanwhile, a new neighbour tests Agnes and Winnie’s friendship.
Agnes is feeling down in the dumps, and grandad’s bowel movements aren’t helping. Can the family show some much-needed appreciation for poor Agnes?
January 2023
Buster and Dermot are convinced Cathy’s boyfriend is a vampire - and there’s only one way to deal with vampires.
December 2022
Cathy’s creepy boyfriend is initiated into the family, and Agnes gets a festive fright when looking after his spooky twins.
January 2022
The Browns get a visit from Uncle Mickey, who is fresh out of prison with a new scam up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Winnie tries to liven up her life with some daredevil stunts.