My First

January 2020

Series 3: 15. Capital City

3.5 2 x
This episode follows Scarlet as she travels to London for the very first time. She and her family jump on board a high-speed train to get there, before seeing all of London's sights and sounds.

Series 3: 14. Circus

4.0 9 x
Isabella tries to put on a circus at home, but realises she needs more practice. She and her mum go to a real circus where they see amazing performances, before going home to perform for their family.

Series 3: 13. Surfing

4.0 1 x
This episode follows Max and Zac as they go surfing for the first time. They test their balance, attend a surf school and practise on a dry wave - but will they be able to do it for real?

Series 3: 12. Hike

3.0 29 x
This episode follows Keaton as he goes on his first ever hike. After practising walking and following maps in the park and preparing some food, Keaton and his family hike all the way up a mountain!
December 2019

Series 3: 11. Fossil Hunt

4.0 8 x
Dinosaur lover Max is excited to go fossil hunting for the first time. He sees a Tyrannosaurus skeleton in a museum, talks to a fossil expert and goes to a beach to hunt for some real fossils.

Series 3: 10. Rock Climbing

4.0 11 x
After climbing up a lighthouse with lots of stairs, Max decides to try rock climbing. After only a few lessons, he manages to climb all the way to the top, before abseiling down a huge cliff face!

Series 3: 9. Sleepover

3.0 10 x
Freya is having a sleepover. She makes invitations and helps her mum to bake cupcakes. When the guests arrive, they enjoy lots of fun activities, before eating breakfast together the next morning.

Series 3: 8. Canal Cruise

4.0 4 x
Ivy and her family go on a canal boat holiday. The sail down the river, explore a castle and open the large swing bridge at the locks. Join Ivy as she goes on a canal cruise for the first time.

Series 3: 7. Nursery

4.0 7 x
Maisie is starting nursery for the first time. Her new teachers explain to her what to expect, and she visits the nursery with her mum to help get used to it. Maisie is ready when the big day comes,

Series 3: 6. Ice Skating

4.0 13 x
Georgia decides that she would like to learn how to ice-skate. She heads over to an ice rink with her mum and has her very first ice-skating lesson before getting to watch an ice hockey match.