Naked Attraction

Series 9

NewSeries 9, Episode 11

19 x
Dog groomer Nico is after the perfect partner to get her all hot under the collar, while care worker Patrice wants a divine angel who can also be a horny devil in the bedroom. (S10 Ep2)

Series 9, Episode 5

40 x
Make-up artist Callie from Glasgow wants a man who's proud to have her on his arm, while part-time life model Luca from Edinburgh is looking for his perfect muse to sketch. (S9 Ep5)

Series 9, Episode 4

5 x
Deanne is looking for the perfect pub-going partner, while horse lover Hezron is tired of fooling around and wants an out-and-proud stallion to ride off into the sunset with. (S9 Ep4)

Series 9, Episode 3

7 x
Oliver, who has Tourette's syndrome, hopes to bag his first ever girlfriend. Claire, who's usually surrounded by builders, wants to lay the foundations to find her dream partner. (S9 Ep3)
Series 6

Series 6, Episode 1

120 x
Emmy-Lou from Brighton appears on the daring dating show for the third time, and forensics student Charlie strips as he seeks his ideal partner in crime. (S6 Ep1)

Best Naughty Bits: Happy Endings

67 x
A celebration of Naked Attraction's very best naughty bits, revisiting times when the pickers got it spot on and chose their perfect date, including Gemma and James who found love.

Best Naughty Bits: The Good, the Bad and the Kinky

34 x
A celebration of Naked Attraction's very best naughty bits, revisiting the good, the bad and the kinky, from a polyamorous couple and a three-time picker to food fetishes and whipped cream.

Best Naughty Bits: Breaking Nude Ground

37 x
A celebration of Naked Attraction's very best naughty bits, revisiting times when the show broke new dating ground, including when trans woman and celebrity Lauren Harries entered a pod.

Best Naughty Bits: Bad Romance

41 x
A celebration of Naked Attraction's very best naughty bits, revisiting some bad romances, from arguments to cringeworthy moments, including Cathy and Andy's explosive reunion.
Series 11

Series 11, Episode 5

140 x
Mum-of-two Sam is seeking her own superhero, complete with thunder thighs and the smouldering looks of Aquaman, while Tony is looking for Mrs Right to complete his family. (S11 Ep5)

All Out & Proud

27 x
This Pride special rides the rainbow and celebrates memorable singletons from across the sexual spectrum who've sashayed into the pods.

Best Naughty Bits: Naked, Crazy, Stupid Love

47 x
...Bits: We celebrate the pickers whose initial naked attraction led to full-on romance, as well as those whose dates were disasters.

Best Naughty Bits: Can't Get You Out of My Head

52 x
...Bits: We celebrate Naked Attraction's biggest and best characters - once seen, never forgotten - from the audacious and the out-there to the attention-grabbing.
Series 11

Series 11, Episode 4

143 x
Gamer Lauren is looking for her perfect player number two so she can reboot her love life. And Ryan is searching for Mr Right: a Philip Schofield-style silver fox. (S11 Ep4)

Best Naughty Bits: Like a Virgin

55 x
...Bits: We celebrate the celibate and the pickers who entered the studio with their virginity very much intact, ready for a televisual awakening like no other.
Series 11

Series 11, Episode 3

103 x
Married couple Abbie and Charlie are missing one thing from their family: a woman to turn them into a throuple. And glamour puss Chrissie is looking for husband number four. (S11 Ep3)

Series 11, Episode 6

110 x
Skyla's cleaning business leaves her too busy for a man. Is her sparkly someone in the pods? Bisexual trans man Zeus is just dipping his toe into dating... can he find the one? (S11 Ep6)

Series 11, Episode 2

105 x
Pansexual sex therapist Mariia's after a not-so-average Mr or Mrs who's not too tired for sex. Old romantic at heart Alannah seeks a forever fella who can speak her love language. (S11 Ep2)

Series 11, Episode 1

170 x
Pansexual Sarah can't wait to road test her new body on her first date as a woman. Plumber Jamie's love life has gone down the u-bend, so he's all cisterns go to find a partner. (S11 Ep1)
Series 2

Series 2, Episode 1

212 x
In TV's most honest dating show, Anna Richardson leads people through the prickly business of choosing a partner naked. This time, pansexual Izzy is open to all genders. (S2 Ep1/5)