Our Lives

June 2020

Series 4: Defying Gravity

4.0 9 x
When Lily Rice became the first person in Britain to land a wheelchair backflip, her life was transformed. Now she must overcome her greatest fear.

Series 4: Big Night at the Bingo

4.0 10 x
Our Lives goes inside a bingo hall in the heart of West Belfast, meeting some of the regulars who have known each other through thick and thin.

Series 4: Highland Road Rescue

4.0 10 x
An intimate portrait of a family-run roadside recovery business in the Scottish Highlands, as they rescue stranded motorists on some of the most remote roads in Britain.
May 2020

Series 4: Soul Boy

3.0 44 x
A teenager in care finds a home on Nottingham’s Northern Soul scene.

Series 4: Sink or Skim

4.0 9 x
The World Stone Skimming Championship is held on the tiny Scottish island of Easdale every year. Two obsessed skimmers show us what it takes to become the world's best.
August 2019

Series 3: From Syria to Scotland

3.0 15 x
This Our Lives documentary follows the new lives of the Syrian refugee families who have made the small Scottish island of Bute their home.

Series 3: Our Island Home

3.0 31 x
Following the Scharer family, the new wardens of Bardsey, a remote island off north west Wales. Arriving alone and totally isolated, they immediately face many challenges.

Series 3: The Last Showmen

4.0 11 x
Our Lives looks at the unique way of life of fairground showmen, following the Cullen family, who have been in the business since 1860.

Series 3: White Van Gogh Man

4.0 14 x
Ruddy Muddy is a white van man with a difference. He's an artist who uses mud to create amazing paintings on the side of his van.
July 2019

Series 3: 3. Taking on the Irish Sea

4.0 3 x
A dozen west Wales sea rowers, eight women and four men, from all walks of life and with a 47-year age span, take on a challenge of a lifetime - a race across the Irish Sea.
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