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Our Lives

Lottery winner Peter Lavery looks back on the day that changed his life and races to finish the ambitious conversion of the Titanic Pumphouse into a whiskey distillery.

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September 2023
The destruction of an underwater forest and its remarkable return to life, seen through the eyes of 74-year-old freediver Eric Smith.
For the first time since his release, Stephen Greer returns to the prison where he learnt to paint to teach art to offenders. Will art transform their lives as it did his?
August 2023
Ex-aircraft engineer Simon begins a completely new life on his own as the warden of Flatholm Island. The more he learns about the island, the more he learns about himself too.
Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) attracts around 750,000 visitors each year, and the race is on to prepare for the busiest season yet.
Koda, a gorgeous golden retriever, is training to be an assistance dog. But if she's to help her owner Mei, she needs to stay awake on the job.
A determined young islander chases her first season as a racing driver. Isla Mackenzie from Scotland’s Outer Hebrides has been signed up by an F3 team.
July 2023
Suicide survivor turned record-breaking cyclist Josh Quigley found redemption by cycling around the world. Now, he’s pushing himself to qualify for the world championships.