Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries

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Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries

Sam's sister Billie gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, Sam gets big news from the US, and the whole family come together to celebrate Easter.

Series 2
Sam and her family return from LA, and Paul's mum Gaynor soon makes her presence known. Later, Sam bumps into her new celebrity neighbour.
Sam, Paul and their baby Paul are in Beverly Hills, but get a shock when they check out the local housing market. Back in the UK, sister Billie tries pregnancy yoga.
Sam attends Luisa Zissman's 'Glam Mummy Club' with Baby Paul, but Big Paul looks after him while Sam goes to the National Television Awards.
With her family still recovering from the announcement that she is moving to LA, Sam has a lot to figure out, while Baby Paul gets to spend a special day with Daddy.
Series 1
Baby Paul gets a new cot and a winter wardrobe, and Sam and Paul reveal their LA plans to the family, leading to an explosive finale.
Holiday sunshine inspires Sam and Paul to swap Surrey for Los Angeles, Baby Paul hits another milestone, and Sam visits sister Billie, but walks straight into a blazing row.
Sam surprises sister Billie by inviting her wedding dress shopping, and the Surrey saga concludes with a shocking revelation.
Sam's sister Billie does her best to sabotage her Surrey house hunt, and Sam visits a chicken farm to prepare for her dream move to the countryside.
Sam follows her dreams and takes up a new career in photography, but her plan to move out of Essex causes a divide in the family.
Former TOWIE star Sam sets the record straight on the press and public's opinion of boyfriend Paul, and also reveals her struggle to balance her career with being a first time mum.
Series 2
Sam and her young family jet off to LA to seek out the Hollywood dream, but with Billie in the final throes of her pregnancy, Sam worries about missing the birth.
Series 3
Sam and Paul have moved to their dream home and baby Paul is now walking and talking.