Come Dine with Me

April 2019

Made in Chelsea Special

3.0 0 x
Made in Chelsea stars Mark Francis, Spencer, Binky and Caggie battle for a £1000 charity prize as they each try to host the perfect dinner party and score each other in secret

Mon 25 Sep, 5pm

3.0 2 x
Essex: Four strangers from in and around Essex attempt to host their way to the prize. Kicking off is geezer Kevin who's hoping to use his skills as a kitchenware salesman to charm his guests.

Series 41 Episode 6 East London and Essex

4.0 17 x
East London and Essex: Yemi hosts a Nigerian party, Ghanaian born Naana focuses on presentation, Brian cooks up ceviche and a Korean barbecue, can Paul's 'ugly banana' satisfy his guests?

Series 41 Episode 2 Glasgow

4.0 0 x
Glasgow: Desmond's Malaysian cuisine sets a high standard. Party girl Nikki provides bouncy entertainment. Vicky plans sophistication. James can't wait to welcome everyone to his beloved Hamilton.

Mon 8 Jan, 5pm

4.0 2 x
Glasgow: First up in this episode from Glasgow is pescatarian Chris, who is out to impress with his fish menu. Joining him are joker George, small but feisty Lucky and 'all about the bling' Linda.

Fri 17 Aug, 5pm

4.0 2 x
Essex 5/5: Recruitment consultant and lover of all things Essex Grace hopes to dazzle her guests with a glamorous party, Essex-style

Thu 16 Aug, 5pm

4.0 3 x
Essex 4/5: Recruitment consultant Adam hopes to exceed expectations with a menu of posh nosh at his dad's house

Wed 15 Aug, 5pm

4.0 1 x
Essex 3/5: Teacher and mother of four Harmy hopes to spice up her guests' lives with an authentic Punjabi feast

Tue 14 Aug, 5pm

4.0 2 x
Essex 2/5: Money broker Paul aims to impress his guests with a night of fine dining. Will his love of fancy restaurants and posh nosh be reflected in his own cooking?

Mon 13 Aug, 5pm

3.0 1 x
Essex 1/5: Head teacher Corinna plans a royal evening, with regal cuisine and larger-than-life hosting
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