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Come Dine with Me

January 2020

Series 41 Episode 3 Leeds

4.0 4 x
Leeds: Gav serves Indian food without cutlery. Paul's shocked when Gav requests his Wagyu well done. Kelly's night has a fairy tale theme, and Sarah-Ann serves up something called sawdust chicken.

Series 40 Episode 29 Bury St Edmunds

3.0 0 x
Four strangers from in and around Bury St Edmunds attempt to host their way to a £1000 prize. There's West Indian food, pecan pie and a night of fine dining before the winner is revealed.

Fri 5 Jan, 5pm

4.0 0 x
Belfast: Ultra-competitive foodie Sarah hosts first in Belfast, hoping her homemade food and unshakeable self-confidence will bag her the £1000


3.0 0 x
The hosts in Wrexham are financial advisor Joey Perez, zumba-loving Jacki De Sanders, sci-fi fan Tom Evans and hotel inspector Lisa Groom. One guest thinks they're the life and soul of every party...

Wed 20 Sep, 5pm

3.0 1 x
West Yorkshire: Honduran-born Isca is hoping her spicy Central American grub will impress her guests Peter, Elaine and Lakhan, and bag her this week's prize

Series 40 Episode 28 Newcastle

3.0 2 x
First to host in Newcastle is larger than life nurse Charity, who plans to impress her guests with an energetic night and some Nigerian inspired food

Series 41 Episode 1 Portsmouth and Southampton

4.7 11 x
Portsmouth and Southampton: Lucy creates Greek-inspired dishes, Phil's meal has meat and bones, Elena doesn't have the best start with her canapés, and Tony serves up a Syrian feast

All in One - Jersey

3.0 5 x
Hoping to avoid any kitchen calamities in Jersey are local radio DJ Kevin Pamplin, no-nonsense food aficionado Jane-Anne Collier, finance manager Craig Dempster and dinner party novice Jessica Stanier

Wed 27 Sep, 5pm

4.5 1 x
Belfast: In and around Belfast, first host Chris hopes his basic but well presented food will be a hit, but his deep fried Creme Egg may prove more Michelin tyre than Michelin star for his guests

Series 40 Episode 27 North East

3.0 1 x
From in and around the North East, it's a week of Spanish grub, Indian dancing, personal revelations and a taste of the tropics. But who will grab the grand?
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