Come Dine with Me

Come Dine with Me catch up

December 2023

Mon 19 Aug, 5pm

4.0 2 x
Sheffield area. The first host, chocolate shop manager and self-confessed party animal Ginnette, plans a feast of fun family favourites and surprise entertainment. (Ep1/5)

Thu 22 Aug, 5pm

3.0 0 x
Sheffield area. Wellness coach Andy, a 'secret' foodie, hopes to strike the right balance with some tasty and nutritious grub. But will his singing pass the test? (Ep4/5)

Tue 20 Aug, 5pm

4.0 1 x
Sheffield area. Emergency services worker Josh plans to impress his guests with an evening of high-end nosh and saucy sketching. But is his main too spicy? (Ep2/5)

Wed 21 Aug, 5pm

4.0 0 x
Sheffield area. GP surgery manager Clare serves up a winter warmer menu featuring perfect presentation and hearty portions, while guest Andy lays on his best jokes. (Ep3/5)

Belfast - Cat

4.5 2 x
Belfast. Feminist writer Cat Anderson hopes to raise the bar with a home-cooked feast and attentive service. But will her bohemian chic style and live music wow her guests? (Ep3/5)

Belfast - Fiona

4.5 3 x
Belfast. It's the final day and merchant navy officer Fiona Rush dishes up a nautical-themed evening, featuring maritime entertainment and a very fishy menu. (Ep5/5)

Belfast - Lenny

4.3 13 x
Belfast. Jamaican lifeguard Lenny Irving serves up authentic Caribbean cuisine in a bid to impress his guests - particularly glamorous navy officer Fiona. (Ep2/5)

Belfast - Marcus

4.7 6 x
Belfast. First to host is make-up artist and impersonator Marcus Hunter-Neill - aka Lady Portia Diamante - who steals the limelight with a red carpet-themed evening. (Ep1/5)

Belfast - Rosie

3.8 2 x
Belfast. Charity worker and confident cook Rosie Smyth hopes to win over her guests with her 'come as your teenage self' dress code and a zingy mojito cheesecake. (Ep4/5)

Reading - Glen

3.5 5 x
Reading. Cockney Glen Wilkie is confident his menu will be a winner. But his evening goes from disaster to disaster, with tears at the table when he serves his main. (Ep2/5)