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Payment Day 23:46

Payment Day

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The B&Bers meet for one last time to find out what they've been paid and confront their critics. And some of Robin's petty marks over the week are thrown to the group for discussion.
Dent Station 23:46

Dent Station

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Final host of the week is Robin Hughes of the converted Dent Station in the Yorkshire Dales. Robin organises a butchery competition and high end grub nearby.
The Fairway 23:46

The Fairway

3.0 0 x
David and Erica Hensley, owners of The Fairway in Blackpool, bring some classic Blackpool fun to the mix as the group take on some local zombies in a horror walk
Rigsby's Guest House 23:46

Rigsby's Guest House

3.0 0 x
Second to host is Morris Cockman, who runs Rigsby's Guest House in Hertford. Morris's tattoos have raised eyebrows, while his attempt to entertain his guests at a local zoo isn't a hit with everyone.
The Old Stables 23:46

The Old Stables

3.0 0 x
Nina Dodd and husband Andy welcome guests to their Scandinavian-style accommodation at The Old Stables, Somerset, where some guests are dubious about the no-shoes policy.
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