Four in a Bed

October 2019

Series 14 Episode 15 Payment Day

4.0 2 x
It's the final day of the competition and the B&B owners are meeting for the last time. After strong opinions are aired and difference debated, the winner is announced.

Series 14 Episode 14 The Shawries Hotel

4.5 3 x
The final visit is to The Shawries Hotel in Blackpool, run by Allison and Dave Shaw. The décor takes Jake and Chris back to their childhood, but Celia and Damon aren't fans of the 80s look.

Series 14 Episode 13 The Wheatsheaf

4.0 11 x
The third visit is to The Wheatsheaf in Sandbach, Cheshire, where young and ambitious owner Jake Pare and joint general manager Chris Baldwin want to prove that boutique is best

Series 14 Episode 8 Tottington Manor

1.5 12 x
Debra and Jamie Tombs welcome their rivals to Tottington Manor in Edburton in West Sussex. But Gill doesn't like the countryside setting or her room.

Series 14 Episode 12 The East Walls Hotel

4.5 19 x
The second visit is to The East Walls Hotel in Chichester, West Sussex, owned by history fans Celia and Damon Haughey, who have rejected the boutique label and branded themselves 'bespoke'

Series 14 Episode 11 Unicorn Inn

4.5 379 x
The week kicks off in Ludlow in Shropshire, at the Unicorn Inn, where professional chef Zoe and her husband Lee hope their glamorous fairy-tale rooms will be the stuff of legend

Series 11 Episode 85 Payment Day

3.0 4 x
On the last day of the competition the B&B owners meet for the last time. There's fighting talk and low blows as the payments are revealed before the winner is announced.

Series 11 Episode 84 Massimo's

3.7 0 x
The final visit is to Massimo's in Seaham, County Durham, where Italian chef, Massimo Perrulli, is joined by his cousin Raf on front of house. Emotions run riot as things come to a head.

Series 11 Episode 83 The George and Abbotsford

4.5 1 x
For the third visit this week the group head to The George and Abbotsford in Melrose, Scotland where host Andrea Gardner and front of house manager John Marr pull out all the stops

Series 11 Episode 82 Copperfields Guest House

4.5 2 x
The second visit of the week is to Copperfields Guest House in Broadstairs, Kent, where owners Neale and Julie Taylor hope their exclusively vegetarian B&B will stand out from the crowd.
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