Secret Life Of The Forest

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Secret Life Of The Forest

We revisit the beaver family, catch up with apprentice Holly.

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Series 2
Deep in the forest, the search is on for a rare creature to spot - the pine marten.
Autumn's on the way, and it may be time for some of the young beavers to leave home.
Young beavers bond with the family, learning about grooming and tree chewing.
Young fawns and badger cubs investigate their suroundings and herons target teeming ponds.
As a heatwave strikes Yorkshire, resident beavers create deep ponds of cool water.
Summer in the forest brings blooming orchids and wildflowers and the buzzing of insects.
Migratory birds return after the winter, and a beaver family's effects on the forest.
Series 1
It's winter in Kielder Forest and while some wildlife battles to survive, others sleep.
Despite its rich biodiversity, Kielder Forest didn't exist a century ago.
It's summertime in Kielder Forest and all the wildlife makes the most of the sunshine.
Hidden cameras capture the incredible wildlife living in England's largest forest.