Secrets Of Skin

December 2019

Series 1: 6. Sensing

4.0 9 x
Professor Ben Garrod explores how some snakes can see using heat, how crocodiles feel through their jaws, and how some animals use electricity to navigate their world.

Series 1: 5. Defence

3.0 6 x
What is the most toxic animal on earth? Why is a rhino armour plated? Professor Ben Garrod discovers the complex ways in which skin helps defend animals against threats of all kinds.

Series 1: 4. Communication

3.0 14 x
Professor Ben Garrod explores how skin has evolved remarkable ways to enable animals to communicate with each other, from vibrant displays of colour to skin pouches to amplify sound.

Series 1: 3. Protection

4.0 7 x
Professor Ben Garrod reveals how skin protects vertebrates from extremes of temperature, the harmful effect of UV and a host of living organisms that want to get in.

Series 1: 2. Moving

4.0 13 x
What makes sharks built for speed? How do snakes move without limbs? How do sugar gliders fly without feathers? The answers all lie in their skin.

Series 1: 1. Adaptability

3.0 14 x
Professor Ben Garrod explores the evolution of the body's largest organ, skin, starting with how the same basic structure has allowed vertebrates to conquer every corner of the planet.