SOS: Extreme Rescues

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SOS: Extreme Rescues

A thrill-seeker fears he’s led his fiancee to her death on an icy mountain, rescuers help a dog in distress, and a trainee paramedic is in the right place at the right time.

Series 1
The race is on to find two climbers stranded in deep snow before night falls, a spate of wildfires puts fire and rescue teams under strain, and a hiker is caught out the day after the clocks change.
A crash in a remote spot brings emergency crews together, helicopter teams winch a seriously injured woman out of a gorge, and volunteers on race day get an unexpected call-out.
Teams work together to rescue an injured man trapped in woodland in south Eryri, two walkers get lost when thick fog descends, and the team struggle to find a woman in a mountain’s deep ridges.
Rescuers search for an injured man they think has taken magic mushrooms, two climbers get trapped on a dangerous ledge with no torches, and a family get lost on a notorious peak.
A man makes a tough decision when a rock crushes his friend in the Glyderau mountains. After a fall, a woman needs convincing to be carried back on a stretcher.
Multiple teams join forces to find a missing person, an amazing coincidence aids a walker who collapses with hypothermia in a storm, and a wrong turn puts young friends in danger.
A day trip flips from epic to nightmare for a Londoner lost on Tryfan with no way to get help, a man falls near a remote waterfall, and a holidaymaker drifts out to sea in a dinghy.
A woman scattering her father’s ashes on his favourite mountain needs help after falling, a man with dementia is lost in the forest; and a girl is stretchered down the mountainside.
Summer visitors put the teams under strain. There’s a race against the tide to save an injured power kiter. A freak storm delays an ambulance reaching a medical emergency.
A woman needs to be airlifted to safety after a fall in Devil’s Kitchen, a sheep is stuck in a mineshaft, and the police drone unit seeks out a teenager lost on a mountain after dark.
A young hiker gets trapped on an icy ledge on Tryfan, rescuers hunt for walkers lost in fog and a man risks heatstroke after a mountain climb on the hottest day of the year.