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Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Iolo Williams bid farewell to 2024’s nests and recap on the highlights of the series, whilst Megan McCubbin wraps up her Glasgow adventure.

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July 2024
Chris and Michaela begin the deliberation of which nests will fledge before the end of the series, Iolo is with some little owls, and Megan is in the heart of Glasgow.
Iolo Williams is at the Dorset coast and Portland Bill bird observatory - a hotspot for seeing and recording returning avian migrants.
Megan and Iolo celebrate the wildlife in Britain's cities, and Chris and Michaela catch up on the weekend drama from the live cameras at RSPB Arne in Dorset.
A celebration of Roy Dennis, a man dedicated to bringing species back from the brink. There is also a round-up of the week's action, and Megan gets to know the beavers of Argarty.
The over-18 Wildlife Hero winner is announced. Iolo is hoping to catch a glimpse of a badger clan, and Megan enjoys a bit of a raptor fest.
June 2024
A celebration of the wildlife heroes who dedicate their time to nature. Iolo searches for the elusive dormouse, and Megan is on the lookout for pied flycatchers.
Chris and Michaela are at RSPB Arne with an update on the weekend's wildlife drama, Iolo is out and about with orchids and turtle doves, and Megan is on the banks of Loch Lomond.
Chris and Michaela are joined by Iolo at RSPB Arne to review the week, and on Bute, Megan heads to the town’s port, where the wildlife is making use of the man-made structures.
Chris and Michaela commentate on the drama from the live nests, Iolo peers into some cliffside pools, and Megan searches for seals on Bute.
Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan introduce a medley of live nests at RSPB Arne, Iolo Williams heads to Hengistbury Head, and Megan McCubbin continues her Scottish adventure.
Springwatch is back to sprinkle a little sunshine on the season. Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Iolo Williams are in Dorset, and Megan McCubbin is on the Isle of Bute.