Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy

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Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy

Stanley Tucci sets out to explore how Italian immigration has transformed the food scene in his adopted hometown of London.

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Series 2
Stanley Tucci visits Umbria, nicknamed the green heart of Italy. From wild boar hunts to incredible black truffle farms, Tucci explores the riches this land has to offer.
Stanley Tucci visits Piedmont, the region that made the dream of a unified Italy a reality.
Stanley Tucci visits the Veneto, home to the 'floating city' of Venice. He explores the ingenuity of the Venetians and their food culture, born from the aquatic environment and global influences.
Series 1
Stanley Tucci visits Italy’s southernmost region, Sicily. He eats timballo with a princess, explores delicious ways to prepare sardines and is invited to a dinner blending foods from across the world.
Stanley Tucci returns to Tuscany, his former home, alongside his parents Stan and Joan. Tuscany is the birthplace of the Renaissance and world-class art, architecture and culture.
Stanley visits Milan, the capital of Lombardy. He goes for aperitivo with a social media star and tries some of the Missoni family's favourite dishes: brasato, polenta and freshly foraged mushrooms.
Stanley Tucci explores Bologna, seen by many as the food capital of Italy. He breaks open a fresh cheese wheel with Massimo Bottura and meets the niece of Federico Fellini.
Stanley Tucci visits Rome, a city often overlooked in the gastronomic department. He discovers the famous four pastas and explores the city’s Jewish history through food.
Stanley Tucci feasts on pizza in Naples, searches for the best San Marzano tomatoes and continues his culinary journey on the island of Ischia and the Amalfi Coast.
Series 2
Stanley Tucci visits one of the most famous and frequented regions of Italy, the Italian Riviera, for the glamour of Portofino and the stunning picture-perfect fishing villages of the Cinque Terre.
Stanley Tucci visits Puglia, a region famous for its fragrant olive oil, beautiful vegetables, cheeses and durum wheat.
Stanley visits the island of Sardinia, famous for its rugged landscape, crystal blue ocean and passionately preserved traditions.
Stanley Tucci travels through the region of Calabria, discovering the history of this beautiful and troubled place as well as that of his own family.