The Light In The Hall

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The Light In The Hall

In a gripping finale, Cat and Joe return to the woods to see if it triggers any memories for Joe. With Sharon more consumed than ever, will she finally get the answers she craves? (Ep6/6)

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January 2023
Psychological drama. Cat and Shelley desperately try to help Joe piece together the events of that fateful night 18 years ago. A shocking event sends tremors through the community. (Ep5/6)
Drama. Sharon is on pins after Joe's visit - is it enough to stop her threatening behaviour towards him? DCI Parry warns Cat to stop fishing for information. (Ep4/6)
Drama starring Joanna Scanlan, Alexandra Roach and Iwan Rheon. A big revelation leads Cat to revisit the past. Meanwhile, Sharon's constant threats start to take their toll on Joe. (Ep3/6)
Drama. Now that he's out of prison, Joe just wants to move on. But Sharon won't rest until she knows what happened to her daughter. Meanwhile, journalist Cat questions the locals. (Ep2/6)
Drama starring Joanna Scanlan. Sharon's daughter vanished 18 years ago. A local man confessed to her murder, but the body was never found. Now he's out on parole, she wants answers. (Ep1/6)