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Series 7

Series 7: 7. A Star Is Born

3.0 0 x
A surprise guest arrives at TNS and helps the dancers step out of their comfort zones.

Series 7, Episode 24 - It All Comes Down to This

4.7 1 x
Series 7, Episode 24 - It All Comes Down to This of the TV-show The Next Step was broadcast by CBBC on Thursday 7 December 2023 at 18:30.

Series 7, Episode 23 - Play It Again, Finn

2.0 1 x
A sudden twist threatens to spoil A-Troupe’s future in dance.

Series 7, Episode 22 - And So It Begins

3.0 1 x
A-troupe take the stage in the next chapter of their dance careers, and showcase their biggest performance yet.

Series 7, Episode 21 - Room Service

3.8 2 x
The Next Step lets off some steam before a major performance when a member of A-troupe pleads their case for leaving the team.

Series 7: 6. The Favourite

4.0 3 x
Summer and Henry face a difficult decision about their relationship when Summer makes a choice that has Henry questioning her judgement.

It's a Wonderful Life, Piper - Part 1

4.2 6 x
Piper learns what life would be like if she never joined The Next Step and discovers how many lives she has touched through the years.

It's a Wonderful Life, Piper - Part 2

3.7 2 x
With time running out and the fate of The Next Step in her hands, Piper struggles to reignite the love of dance in everyone.
Series 7

Series 7, Episode 20 - Dance, Dance, Resurrection

3.0 0 x
A-Troupe is left scrambling after one of its dancers leaves unexpectedly.

Series 7, Episode 19 - Big Decisions

4.0 1 x
Summer receives a letter offering a life-changing opportunity that would ruin Cleo's plans.