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The Next Step

The competition is tough in the first round of auditions, and Heath struggles to focus when he is grouped with someone he can’t trust.

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Series 9
Grace wants auditions for A-Troupe, but Kenzie needs convincing. Anthony runs A-Troupe rehearsal, welcoming the wrong person to be a fly on the wall.
As A-Troupe prepares for internationals, Ultra-Elite finds a new studio to call home. Meanwhile, Jude makes a big decision that might change everything.
Everything is on the line as A-Troupe band together to dance their best for the internationals re-adjudication. Their international dreams could come to an end right here.
Grace puts her plan in jeopardy when she tries to decide the alternates on the behalf of Ariana. Meanwhile, Pete makes a shocking discovery.
Ariana faces a difficult decision during the internationals livestream challenge. Meanwhile, Ethan and Ebby both want to go on exchange to France.
Heath helps Pete confront his feelings as A-Troupe prepares for the internationals livestream challenge.
Series 8
Lucien pops in to wreak havoc at the studio, leading the dancers to feel inadequate.
Series 9
In the final round of internationals, A-Troupe face off against fearsome competitors, sticking together through their biggest challenge yet.
A surprise guest changes everything for Ariana, and Adele and Anthony are met with sabotage right before their duet.
As internationals begin with a surprise performance, Anthony struggles with the small group dance thanks to a classic internationals twist.
Series 5
Reality-style drama series. TNS East hires a guest choreographer, Leon Blackwood, to teach a hip-hop workshop and TNS West shows up to join in.
Reality-style drama series. A self-trained dancer, Kingston, must prove himself to keep his spot on Michelle's new troupe.
Reality-style drama series. Michelle, dissatisfied with Emily's dance studio philosophy, starts her own team, TNS West, and discovers some surprising new talent.
Reality-style drama series. The Next Step holds auditions, welcoming prospective new dancers to the studio. The new studio head makes some surprising cuts.
Series 9
Eldon runs a chaotic group rehearsal, and Izzy learns an important leadership lesson. Meanwhile, Pete and Heath do everything in their power to look like dance captain material.
In the absence of a dance captain, Nick is in charge. He assigns a trio to Olive, which forces her to confront the drama within her former friend group.
Internationals are right around the corner, and the new dance captain of A-Troupe has a huge first move to make.
Ariana comes to a realization as she fights her way through the Dance Captain Battle Royale, and the international twists are far from over.
At the request of Ariana, Jett shows the newcomers around, while Izzy and Ebby help with the team’s first Internationals challenge.