The Warship: Tour Of Duty

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The Warship: Tour Of Duty

HMS Queen Elizabeth is nearing the end of her deployment, and the crew is already looking forward to returning home. But then, disaster strikes - an F35 jet loses power at a critical moment.

Series 1
After a pit stop on a tropical island, HMS Queen Elizabeth joins forces with 17 other allied warships for a display of military might in front of the Chinese navy.
In the South China Sea, the warship launches anti-submarine helicopters to see off an unwelcome visit from the Chinese navy.
Following a break in Cyprus, HMS Queen Elizabeth heads back to sea. But within days, a stowaway is discovered: Covid. Before long, hundreds are in isolation, and tensions rise across the warship.
The warship sails into the eastern Mediterranean and runs the gauntlet of hostile Russian warships and jet fighters. There’s a dramatic standoff near the coast of Syria.
Britain’s deadliest warship is on her first active operations. Sixteen hundred mostly young men and women set sail on a voyage through hostile waters to the other side of the world.