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Traffic Cops

PC Andy Swift pursues a car he flags down - and a chase ensues at speeds of up to 120mph.

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Series 9
In the rain, a suspect drives at speeds of over 100 mph.
PC Chris chases a suspected cloned SUV and is led along bridal and cycle paths at 90mph.
Police respond to a call about a violent car thief.
A surge in drink driving and a spate of van thefts means it's going to be a busy 24 hours.
Cops race to intercept a huge truck following the near-miss of a road worker.
A scooter drives down the wrong way down a dual carriageway.
Scott responds to an alert of a suspected drunk driver.
A driver in his seventies has reversed into a house.
Following a crack down on drugs, including money laundering and suspected drugs runners.
The hunt for suspected drug dealers, and the seizure of almost 50 thousand pounds.
A fire extinguisher is launched from a fleeing getaway car.
Series 12
A car thief rams the cops off the road at high speed.
Series 9
Police stop an out-of-control driver whose passenger is a child without a seat belt.
A dangerous driver pushes the police to the limits, reaching speeds of over 150 mph.
There's a high-speed cross-border pursuit when a wanted man refuses to stop.
Alex and Jason chase down a gang of teenage suspects.
Series 8
Derbyshire's finest face a series of issues with motorcyclists.
Police numbers in Derbyshire have reduced by 400, meaning officers often patrol alone.
Drink drivers are trying to think of ways to beat the system.