Two Doors Down

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Two Doors Down

Alan and Michelle are bleary-eyed after a delayed flight from Las Vegas. They’ve got big news to share with the neighbours, but their exciting announcement gets quickly out of hand.

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Series 7
It's payday, so Michelle invites the neighbours round for a Chinese takeaway. As they wait for their food to arrive, Eric shares his love of Billy Connolly.
It's Father's Day at the carvery for Ian, Gordon, their parents and Christine, who wangled an invitation. As she grumps about the beef, Gordon grapples with family revelations.
Ian's school friend Darren turns up out the blue sparking many memories - and when the neighbours probe into their past relationship, Gordon finds himself in a spiral of paranoia.
A new bathroom is a big commitment, and Christine can’t decide, driving Beth and Eric demented. Meanwhile, Cathy and Michelle bond over a boozy lunch, but will this new friendship last?
Over at Colin's house, the neighbours are gathered for a surprise birthday party for Anne Marie. But when the doorbell goes, it's Colin who gets the big surprise.
It’s a welcome break at the coffee shop after a spot of Christmas shopping, where Christine surprises the neighbours with some uncharacteristic festive generosity.
Series 6
Colin is vulnerable after being unceremoniously dumped. Beth and Eric are doing their best, but conversation is already strained when Christine steams in demanding gory details.
Series 5
Cathy and Colin are back from their Italian holiday and hosting a soiree to show off how popular they are. But as the duty-free wine flows, tensions soon bubble to the surface.
The neighbours are getting sticky with a family sized box of doughnuts when the new health-conscious residents, Ash and Iqbal, turn up to introduce themselves.
Alan’s off out, and Michelle has invited Beth, Cathy and Christine over for a Girls’ Night, but things get tense when Christine gets the hump.
Alan’s brother is getting married, and he’s the best man, although it turns out nobody has any confidence in his abilities to do anything other than order two puddings at the meal.