A Tale Of Two Sisters

September 2018

The Pankhursts

Expired 3.0 3 x
New. Thousands of women gave their all to the Suffrage movement, but for Christabel and Sylvia their own sisterhood would be strained to the point of breaking.

Elizabeth I & Mary I

Expired 3.0 3 x
New. Mary was a short-lived, little-favoured Catholic and Elizabeth a long-reigning, all-admired Protestant. However, Henry VIII's daughters have more in common than meets the eye.

Anne Boleyn & Mary Boleyn

Expired 4.5 3 x
New. Anne has been celebrated and damned, seen as either schemer or a victim. Her sister Mary is less remembered and often dismissed as a fool. But what was the truth?

Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret

Expired 4.0 10 x
New. Elizabeth was a mature child with a love animals and Margaret a mischievous extrovert. How has their relationship shaped the monarchy?
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