Almost Never

Series 3

Series 3, Episode 11 - The Big Quiz: The Wonderland v GHF

4.0 8 x
Girls Here First and The Wonderland go head to head in a special quiz about all things Almost Never, and there is an exclusive live performance.

Series 3, Episode 10 - The Deal

3.0 4 x
The Wonderland meet with record labels in the hope of finally getting signed, and Sasha has one last trick up her sleeve.

Series 3, Episode 9 - Fashion Victims

3.0 7 x
A fallout between The Wonderland pushes Nate closer than ever towards Sasha’s solo offer. Meanwhile, Nate and Chloe go on a date, while Tyra organises her first fashion event.

Series 3, Episode 8 - Awards Night

3.0 13 x
The Wonderland are nominated for an award, but the boys all get distracted at the ceremony. Meanwhile, Dan gives AJ a trial shift at the diner when his chef quits.

Series 3, Episode 7 - Finding John

3.0 13 x
Nate and the gang search all over town for a record label executive who showed interested in The Wonderland, and Jess springs a surprise on Lola.

Series 3, Episode 6 - Spot the Difference

4.0 7 x
When Harry refuses to attend a Wonderland event, the band is forced to improvise to cover his absence. With Fabio away, Chloe helps Sashaprepare for an interview.

Series 3, Episode 5 - The Break-Up Song

4.0 13 x
Whilst trying to write a break-up song, Oakley falls for someone unexpectedly. Fabio and Jordan become a couple, and Chloe’s jealousy over Nate comes into the open.
Series 2

Series 2, Episode 12 - The Send-Off

4.0 8 x
Jordan and Fabio try to keep The Wonderland and GHF locked in the Palais rehearsal room ahead of a surprise pre-tour party, while Meg and AJ wrestle with a chocolate fountain.

Series 2, Episode 11 - Press Conference

4.0 8 x
GHF and The Wonderland's joint press conference for their tour doesn't go to plan once AJ gets involved, while Nate is distracted by his relationship status with Chloe.

Series 2, Episode 10 - Next Stop the Grannies

3.0 13 x
The Wonderland audition for a big US TV show when some superfans turn up and start competing with each other. Meanwhile, Nate drops a bombshell which could destroy everything.