American Pickers

August 2018

Oddities & Commodities

4.0 1 x
New. Reality series. A former petrol station transformed into an eccentric home houses a collection that sends chills up Mike and Frank's spines.

The Superfan

3.0 1 x
New. Frank's Oktoberfest mojo is stoked by a huge stash of retro beer memorabilia, and Mike makes a big-league offer on an incredibly rare vintage Edison invention.

Signs of Struggle

4.0 3 x
New. Mike struggles to free a huge sign from a tight corner, before striking a deal with the 'Sign Boss'. Danielle and Frank take a last ride in a 1956 Chevy.

Have Yourself a Merry Pickers Christmas

3.0 0 x
New. Mike tries to put Frank in a Christmas mood by exploring two super-packed picks.

Frank's Birthday

3.0 4 x
New. Mike and Frank make a woman's dream come true by brokering a deal to honour her late husband. Frank celebrates his birthday with a picking bonanza.

Best Of: Toughest Digs

4.0 0 x
New. Mike and Frank look back on their trickiest excavations ever, including relics buried underground and awesome finds trapped under mountains of junk.

A Few Good Junk Men

4.0 3 x
New. The guys stumble onto an Americana motherlode in Maryland when they find a former garbage man's trash pile.

Best Of: Best of the 70s

4.0 0 x
New. The guys take a trip down memory lane when they look back at their grooviest picks from the disco decade.

Jersey's Jackpot

4.0 4 x
New. The guys do a favour for a friend, and what seems like a raw deal turns into a win-win situation. They also get behind a locked door not opened in decades.

Best Of: Best of the 60s

4.0 0 x
New. Mike and Frank look back at their best picks from the 1960s, including a meeting with Captain Kirk and a seat in the original Batmobile.
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