Animal Babies

October 2016

October 16, 2016

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Mountains cover almost a quarter of the earth's land surface, and they are some of the most challenging places for animals to live. It's hard enough surviving on these sheer cliffs and snowy mountainsides if you're an experienced adult, but for a baby it's an immense struggle. Mountain babies must battle extreme weather an...

October 9, 2016

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Seventy per cent of Earth is covered in water. Many animals that live in water come on land to have their babies, and being born this way presents some major challenges for water babies to overcome. For some, simply getting to water in the first place can be the biggest trial of their young lives, whilst others have to fac...

October 2, 2016

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The great plains of Africa are home to some of the most iconic animals on the planet. Growing up here means safari babies face immense challenges that will really test them. With the largest herds on the planet all competing for the same food, and dangerous predators round every corner, the African savannah is a hugely com...