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Ben Fogle and Kate Humble are in Longleat, where the keepers are putting the gorillas to the test. Will they use their homemade tool in the quest for more food?

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June 2024
Kate Humble and Ben Fogle say goodbye to a Longleat legend, celebrating her life and the impact she has had on keepers and visitors.
Ben Fogle and Kate Humble are in Longleat, where they hear the news of a very naughty wolf who is leading the pack astray.
Kate Humble and Ben Fogle return to Longleat, where the life of one of the park’s Amur tigers hangs in the balance.
The keepers battle to get the rhinos to take a skin-soothing mud bath. And the vets must get to the root of Arabella the binturong’s anger issues.
May 2024
Kate Humble visits the red panda maternity suite, Alfie the gorilla undergoes surgery on his jaw, and the park goes into lockdown when there is an emergency radio call.
March 2024
The park’s keepers build a new enclosure to meet their new two-toed sloth’s exacting demands. It needs the perfect atmosphere and precise humidity and heat.
The keepers must separate their precious koala joey from her mum for a short period in order to earn the baby's trust before she becomes impossible to work with.
Staff race to stop one of the park’s most important breeding programmes falling apart. And could it be 'maybe baby' for one of the park’s most endangered species?
Ben and Kate continue to follow the journey of Europe’s first southern koala joey. An initial vet visit means the keepers have to separate the baby from mum for the first time.
Ben and Kate return to Longleat, where hopes are rising for the first baby southern koala in Europe. Ben bathes a goat, and Kate meets the colobus monkeys.
The keepers have to say goodbye to a tiger, and the parrots have a dance-off
Have the park’s vultures laid their first successful egg in ten years?
February 2024
A fierce territorial battle has begun at the park, but it’s not between the lions or tigers - it’s the rabbits.
Kate Humble attempts a speed test on a pair of cackling hyena.
A legendary lion turns 18, and the meerkat mob are at war.
Following the death of their mother, the residents of the wolf wood now face losing their father.
Visitors often think Longleat’s wallabies are kangaroos. In order to help teach them the difference, a kangaroo is coming from Edinburgh Zoo to join the collection. But just how big will it be?
The tigers are showing signs of territorial battles in the park’s drive-through. Will the keepers be able to stop this escalating into potentially lethal conflict?
Vets are called to provide urgent care to a pregnant wolf. Can their intervention offer a sign of hope?