Bitesize Daily: 9-11 Year Olds

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Bitesize Daily: 9-11 Year Olds

Learn about electricity, how to put it to use, and changing circuits.

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Learn about landscape drawing, circle skies and mark making.
Learn about street art, famous street artists, and how to create a name tag.
Learn about cutting shapes, layered paper cutting and paper landscapes.
Learn about one-point perspective, cityscapes and adding colour.
Learn about manga and how to draw manga faces and expressions.
Learn about armatures, proportions, movement and action lines.
Learn about mandalas, how to design them and how to make a pinhole lantern.
Learn about traditional Japanese, North Indian classical and traditional Malian music.
Learn about early music, making a timeline and music between 1750 and the 20th century.
Learn about technology and sounds, looping and samples and using music technology.
Learn about experimenting with rhythms, ostinato and samba.
Learn about harmony, types of chords and chord progression.
Learn about performing, composing and developing melodies.
Learn about texture in music, soundscapes, and layering sound.
Episodes 2023
Learn about trade around the world, depending on other countries, and fair trade.
Learn about longitude and latitude, locating a place, and comparing time zones.
Learn about settlements, land use, fieldwork, and how people make a difference to their environment.
Learn about hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, floods, droughts and wildfires.
Learn about how we use energy, about renewable and non-renewable energy, and about saving energy to save the planet.