July 2019

Series 5 Episode 23 Relatively Grown Man

Expired 3.0 18 x
After Andre Jr gets an offer of his dream job working with hip hop group Migos, Dre and Rainbow are determined to convince him that it would be a better idea to return to college and get his degree

Series 5 Episode 22 Is It Desert or Dessert?

Expired 4.0 5 x
Dre has concerns about Jack and Diane spending the weekend with their friends' family on a trip to the desert. Pops must come to terms with how he treats women after helping set Andre Jr up on a date.

Series 5 Episode 21 FriDre Night Lights

Expired 4.0 3 x
Dre is thrilled when Jack makes the football team, but Rainbow is against the idea. Diane wants Andre Jr to drive her to her first real date with Jalen, but her big brother overstays his welcome.

Series 5 Episode 20 Good in the 'Hood

Expired 3.0 1 x
Dre's sister Rhonda takes Jack and Diane out for the day in her local neighbourhood. Rainbow falls into the trap of becoming the 'office mom' at work, so Andre Jr tries to help her break the label.

Series 5 Episode 19 Under the Influence

Expired 4.0 2 x
Jack keeps getting into trouble, so Dre chaperones the twins' school dance to keep an eye on him. Andre Jr argues with his girlfriend after she complains that he spends too much time on Devante.

Series 5 Episode 18 Andre Johnson: Good Person

Expired 3.0 0 x
While planning Devante's birthday party, Rainbow aims to be more mindful about new child-rearing rules, but Dre is sceptical. Jack and Diane try to change Ruby's bad habits to protect the environment.

Series 5 Episode 17 Each One, Teach One

Expired 3.0 1 x
When Andre Jr informs Dre that Josh is his mentor at work, Dre is upset. Jack and Diane show their friends a video of Rainbow doing a dance workout and she becomes known as the 'hot mom' as a result.

Series 5 Episode 16 Enough Is Enough

Expired 4.0 6 x
Kyra's estranged father turns up and reveals that he wants to take her home to Houston, so Dre and Rainbow work to show him the amazing life they can provide for her if she continues to live with them
June 2019

Series 5 Episode 15 #justakidfromcompton

Expired 4.0 6 x
Dre and Rainbow want to send Kyra to Valley Glen Prep, but they become infuriated when the school treats them like a charity case. Andre Jr is keen to get a job as Josh's assistant at Stevens & Lido.

Series 5 Episode 14 Black History Month

Expired 4.0 0 x
Dre is upset when Jack and Diane get the same superficial education about Black History Month that he received when he was growing up. After talking to the teacher, Dre's asked to give a presentation.