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A rebellion brews as Bernard cracks down to make sure the fundraiser runs smoothly. Jaheim is made an offer he can’t refuse and must decidewhere his loyalties lie.

Series 1
Tensions arise during the school’s infamous Carruthers Challenge, but the real danger begins when Carol calls the police after discovering Toby’s 'drugs.'
Jaheim is home for the weekend but is confronted by the friend he betrayed. Leah ditches Mabel to get it on with Koku, and the truth about Toby’s gummies lands him in trouble.
Jaheim’s loyalties are torn when his roommate’s laptop goes missing. Will he step up to help? A video of Leah goes viral, and Omar tries toimpress a secret society.
Jaheim plans revenge on Rupert, while Toby tries to impress Abby at a secret party. Meanwhile, Bernard is under pressure to make sure thescholarship programme is a success.
The five teens arrive at their new school and it’s very different. Leah wants change, and Omar is obsessed with finding a secret society. Jaheim makes an enemy - but will he let him win?