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Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese

December 2019

Series 1: 8. Happy Game

4.0 3 x
Mouse buys a videogame that is supposed to teach the family teamwork. But all they do is bicker as they play!

Series 1: 12. Camp Champs

3.0 1 x
The Girls and the Boys compete to get to the top of Bear Mountain, using very different styles of camping. But when the legendary bear appears, they have to team up to survive.

Series 1: 11. Cat Beard

4.0 0 x
When one of Mouse’s inventions accidentally sticks Cat’s discarded fur to Boy’s face, his new 'beard' suddenly makes him the most popular kid in school.
November 2019

Series 1: 10. World Record Records...

4.0 5 x
Mouse wants the other kids to stop being lazy and achieve some goals - in the form of breaking world records. With Mouse's relentless coaching, the family soon gets carried away.

Series 1: 9. Cat Walkers

4.0 0 x
With Boy's new help-for-hire business booming, he overworks his unpaid employee, Dog, without realizing. Girl sets out to teach Dog a lesson about standing up for himself.

Series 1: 13. Monster Butt

3.0 1 x
Girl enters a cosplay costume contest to win a trophy and meet her favourite TV star, but needs somebody to wear the back end of her enormous costume.

Series 1: 7. Scoot or Be Scooted...

3.0 2 x
Boy, Girl, Dog, Cat, Mouse and Cheese meet the smug Smith twins, and agree to a scooter race around the park. The only problem is that somebody has to teach Cat how to ride a scooter.

Series 1: 6. Mama'd Boy

3.0 1 x
Mum and Dad go out, leaving Boy in charge of the house. However, busy having fun, his siblings totally ignore Boy's rules.

Series 1: 5. Boy's Friend

3.0 2 x
The family is going on a canoe trip, and Boy and Girl are each allowed to bring a friend.

Series 1: 4. Game of Throne

4.0 1 x
When the boys and girls get sick of having to share the bathroom, they split it into two! The girls' side becomes one big party with no rules, but the boys' side is the complete opposite.
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