Bro's In Control

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Bro's In Control

Callum levels up this challenge with a massive inflatable assault course in the back garden. Who is the bounciest bro and who is just full of hot air? Only Callum can decide.

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Series 2
Celebs Viggo Venn and Phil Green come to the aid of Adam and Joe as they try to prove to Callum who is the most talented. With impressions and dad dancing, what’s not to like?
Big Manny joins for an icy challenge, and it’s time to jump in with both feet as Callum sets Adam and Joe an extreme puzzle challenge 15,000 feet in the air!
Online greeter extraordinaire Troy Hawke helps Callum challenge Adam and Joe to be the most complimentary to passers-by.
Little bro Callum sends Adam and Joe to the seaside to see who can build the greatest sandcastle in a bid to avoid the wheel of doom!
Adam and Joe face a Queasy Quiz with the most ridiculous questions and the gungiest consequences. Who will win and avoid a forfeit from The Wheel of Doom?
Callum challenges Adam and Joe to a shocking game of Buzz Words. No-one really knows the rules, but who cares when the end results are this electrifying?
Callum sends Big Bro Adam and his best mate Joe to the funfair to see if they can keep their minds focused while on the whizzy rides!
Adam and Joe take to the streets to become living statues in Callum’s latest challenge - but who will be the best man standing?
Little bro Callum challenges Adam and Joe to bring out their inner sloths in order to avoid facing a forfeit on the Wheel of Doom!
Socials stars Shauni and Jake help Callum challenge Adam and Joe to face their fears! The question is, who will be the GOAT and impress Callum the most?
Star of socials Rhia gets set for sabotage following a race of teeny v tiny as Callum sets the lads The Big Tiny Bike Challenge.
Callum inflicts terror and temptation on Adam and Joe to see who can impress him the most and be the 'last to leave the circle'!
Adam and Joe become animal park tour guides for the day but have to do exactly what the other one tells them to, much to the visitors’ bemusement!
Adam and Joe become busy bees for a gunge-fuelled challenge – who will collect the most nectar and win Callum’s ultimate respect?
Series 1
Callum sends his Sharky mate to Joe and Adam’s house with a request to paint his portrait. But can the boys do it wearing glasses that make everything topsy turvy?
Adam and Joe break out the superhero costumes for another round of this hilarious competition. But who will Little Bro Callum choose to take a forfeit from the Wheel of Doom?
A prickly guest turns up at Joe and Adam’s house and needs a lot of care, but Callum hasn’t made it easy for them.
Adam and Joe go head-to-head in a challenge to spend the day living as worms! Will they like their lettuce lunch, learn to slide around worm-style, and escape the scary seagull?
Adam and Joe take on a Mesozoic mission when Little Bro Callum challenges them to live as dinosaurs for a day. Can they complete their chores while avoiding the erupting volcano?