June 2020

Series 4: 5. Scott

4.0 27 x
As the killer’s motives become ever clearer, Cardinal and Delorme travel to Toronto to search his abandoned flat.

Series 4: 6. John and Lise

4.0 32 x
Cardinal and Delorme must extract enough information to get a lead on the killer – and fast, because he has made off into the depths of the forest with his last two chosen victims.

Until the Night: 3. Barry

4.0 25 x
As a new victim is found, it becomes increasingly clear that the murderer’s main targets are not the victims themselves, but their loved ones.

Until the Night: 4. Neil

3.0 18 x
Another abduction hits painfully close to home for Lise, as she and John race against time to save the next victim before it is too late.

Until the Night: 1. Robert

4.5 35 x
In the frozen depths of the Canadian winter, Cardinal and Delorme are called in to deal with a missing person report - the husband of a local politician has failed to return home.

Until the Night: 2. Adele

4.0 21 x
The kidnapper strikes again, and this time the choice of victim is particularly cruel. Delorme informs her boss that she has accepted a transfer offer.
May 2019

By the Time You Read This: 5. Mama

4.0 18 x
Delorme goes to Toronto on Cardinal’s behalf to look into the validity of his theories about his wife’s death. Meanwhile, the fugitive gang get ever closer to their ultimate goal.

By the Time You Read This: 6. Helen

3.0 42 x
The police close in on Sharlene ‘Mama’ Winston as she prepares to take off with her hostage. Meanwhile, Cardinal gets closer to establishing the truth about his wife's death.

By the Time You Read This: 3. Jack

3.0 23 x
An expected ally emerges in Cardinal and Delorme's search for the killer. Meanwhile, Sarlene 'Mama' Winston and her family are holding Lloyd Kreeger captive.

By the Time You Read This: 4. Lemur

3.0 32 x
Cardinal and Delorme make a breakthrough in the case, as an unexpected turn of events provides new evidence and a possible motive behind the murders.