Couples Therapy

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Couples Therapy

As their sessions come to a close, some couples emerge with a sense of clarity and optimism around their relationships. However, not all couples are meant to last.

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Series 3
Christine learns what’s hiding underneath her resentment. Erica connects with Sean. Brock and Kristi reach a potential breaking point.
Brock and Kristi return from a blissful vacation only to be crushed by reality. Orna has a breakthrough with Sean. Josh and Natasha make a surprising turn.
Brock and Kristi struggle to get on the same page. Orna helps Josh to make a connection between his past and present. Nadine comes clean about her feelings for another lover.
With the help of her peers, Orna shifts her methods with Sean and Erica. Brock reveals a childhood wound. Nadine and Christine attempt a new relationship dynamic.
Natasha reveals her deepest fears. Kristi sheds light on Brock’s betrayal. Orna reaches her limit with Sean’s gaslighting.
A misunderstanding sends Nadine into an emotional state. Orna struggles to get Sean to be honest. Deep fissures in Brock and Kristi’s relationship emerge.
Christine’s childhood PTSD surfaces. Josh’s sexual frustration boils over. Erica reveals her resentment with Sean. Brock struggles to lay bare Kristi’s betrayal.
Four new couples begin sessions with Dr Orna Guralnik. Brock and Kristi unpack their Mormon upbringing as they search for a new foundation, while Josh struggles with Natasha’s lack of intimacy.