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Dark Hearts

Sab has been captured by Isis soldiers, but she cannot be found, despite the assistance of the US army. Zaid promises to help them by reaching a deal with the captors.

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Series 1
On the mission to locate Salwa, Martin admits to Sab that he has been hard on her and apologises. Adele visits the hospital in Erbil, but she receives shocking news.
Adele is forced to wait to interview Zaid, while the team follow the two remaining leads they have for finding his daughter and grandson.
The team are under pressure to move Zaid to Paris, so they have to act quickly. Hilaire is tasked with finding an Argentinian doctor who left an NGO abruptly two years earlier.
The day after the launch of the battle of Mosul, commando team 45 returns to the sewers to try to locate Fares. Adele sets out to find Salwa, with the help of Kurdish intelligence.
Mosul 2016. As the war against Isis rages, an elite French commando group captures a notorious French jihadist who agrees to cooperate if they rescue his daughter and grandson.