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It's the final day in camp, and the Outsiders attempt to build flying machines and become an elected political party in a bid to win the most badges and become champions.

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Series 3
The Outsiders attempt to upcycle some old bangers into useful additions for the camp, earn their Couples Therapy badge, and get the opportunity to exile their pet peeves.
David is feeling under the weather, so Lou Sanders oversees proceedings as the Outsiders compete to earn their Energy Healing badge and compose a new camp anthem.
The Outsiders discover that there's been a murder in the camp - and who man's best friend really is - before trying to win the Rationing badge with their mathematical ability.
Series 1
It's the Outsiders’ last day living together in the wild, and there’s still all to play for as the teams make shoes from natural materials and herd animals.
Series 3
The Outsiders compete to create the best multi-tool using scrap rubbish, Roisin and Alan resort to stealing to impress with breakfast in bed, and a stranger incurs David's wrath.
David Mitchell oversees events as the Outsiders attempt to smuggle contraband past border control and devise an entertaining and educational fable for a group of children.
Series 1
On the Outsiders’ penultimate day in the wild, all three pairs are under increasing pressure, and cracks in their relationships start to appear during a hunting challenge.
On the Outsiders’ fourth day living together in the wild, the teams are competing for three more badges – building a shelter, inventing a gadget, and turning ordinary objects into survival items.
The competition is heating up as the teams compete for three new badges – camouflage, inventing a camp flag, and composing an anthem.
It’s day two in the woods for the Outsiders as David challenges the comedians to take on new challenges such as barbering, milking goats and finding alternative uses for a condom.
David Mitchell challenges six intrepid comedians to spend a week living in the great outdoors, where they will face daily challenges that teach them important and valuable life skills.