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How dramatic twists in Earth’s story enabled humans to go from being part of nature to controlling it, and what can be learnt from this tale before it’s too late.

Series 1
When the Earth first formed from clouds of dust and gas, it was devoid of an atmosphere. But as the young planet is pummelled by asteroids, a period of extraordinary upheaval begins.
Chris Packham tells the miraculous story of how plant life turned the Earth from a barren rock into a vibrant green world.
A look at how the giant supercontinent Rodinia broke up 800 million years ago. Earth’s tectonic forces ripped the land apart, kicking off a series of events that sent temperatures plummeting.
Chris Packham explores one of the darkest periods in Earth’s history: the worst mass extinction the planet has ever seen, when as much as 90% of all species died.