Escape to the Chateau

September 2018

Episode 3 Moat, Pineapple Chandeliers and a Wedding

4.0 15 x
Dick and Angel are due to marry in just a few weeks, expecting 200 guests. But room after room still needs to be restored, decorated and furnished, and the moat still needs fixing.

Episode 2 Chickens, Heating and a Blank Canvas

3.0 4 x
With just £20,000 left in the coffers the refurb problems feel endless for Dick with time running out. But Angel is on a creative roll. And the family buy some chickens.

Finding the Chateau

3.0 5 x
Dick and Angel find their fairytale French castle. Dick launches into fitting a monumental heating system while Angel discovers the chateau's vintage secrets.
July 2018

Series 4, Episode 3: A Floating Dome

4.3 204 x
Dick gets to work on the chateau's crumbling stucco while Angel adds the finishing touches to their floating dome, for the ultimate family sleepover under the stars

Series 4, Episode 1: Harvest and Birthday

4.5 29 x
It's harvest time and Dick wants to make jam and turn pears into booze. Angel has big plans for a floating geodesic dome over the moat. Plus - a special birthday treat for Dick.

Series 4, Episode 1: Weddings, Stables & Staircases

4.0 24 x
Dick and Angel continue their adventures in a dilapidated French chateau, facing a busy summer of weddings and foodie events, while finally fixing the garden and stables

Series 3 Episode 3 The Wedding Season

4.5 33 x
As the wedding season comes to the chateau, Dick and Angel's lives are about to get a whole lot busier. Then there's the barn, the van and the lime trees, as tensions start to rise.

Series 3 Episode 2 Spring

4.5 15 x
Dick buys a tractor, with plans to tame the walled garden. Angel designs a boudoir with black walls and mirrors. The couple explore truffle farming. And there's a wedding proposal in the dining room.

Series 3 Episode 1 Only 20 Rooms to Go

2.0 29 x
The couple get cracking on the 20 rooms that still need fixing. Angel buys a clapped-out van. And what have the tree surgeons done to the lime trees?

Series 2 Episode 3 Christmas at the Chateau

4.5 4 x
As winter descends on the chateau and Christmas looms, Dick and Angel Strawbridge rush to complete a huge to-do list before the arrival of the family from England
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