Father Brown

Series 8

Series 8, Episode 3 - The Scales of Justice

3.0 2 x
Father Brown races to save Bunty from the hangman's noose when she is tried for murder.

Series 8, Episode 2 - The Queen Bee

4.0 5 x
Father Brown investigates the mysterious death of a beekeeper.

Series 8, Episode 1 - The Celestial Choir

4.0 3 x
A mysterious saboteur tries to stop Kembleford winning the Three Counties choir competition.
Series 9

Series 9, Episode 10 - The Red Death

3.0 11 x
Lady Felicia’s lavish New Year ball is ruined when a VIP is murdered.

Series 9, Episode 9 - The Enigma of Antigonish

3.0 4 x
Father Brown investigates staff at the local health spa when an ex-employee is found murdered.

Series 9, Episode 8 - The Wayward Girls

3.0 8 x
Bunty reunites with Father Brown to uncover a dark secret at the local girls' borstal.

Series 9, Episode 7 - The Island of Dreams

3.0 10 x
When Father Brown visits Chummy’s holiday camp, it doesn’t take long for someone to die-de-die.

Series 9, Episode 6 - The New Order

3.0 5 x
Father Brown finds his position under threat when he clashes with an influential new parishioner.

Series 9, Episode 5 - The Final Devotion

4.5 70 x
Father Brown joins forces with Flambeau to search for a lost treasure in a 15th-century castle.

Series 9, Episode 4 - The Children of Kalon

3.0 5 x
When a troubled soul from the past returns, Father Brown must investigate the new chapter of the Church of Apollo.