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Father Brown

Sullivan asks for Father Brown’s help when Mrs Devine’s son Eddie is framed for murder.

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Series 11
Father Brown is determined to unmask a mortal being when a supposed vampire strikes in the village.
Father Brown investigates when the competitive atmosphere at a local dance school leads to a dance with death.
Lady Felicia asks Father Brown to help prove a convicted serial killer didn’t murder her beloved goddaughter.
Father Brown must discover the culprit when a novelist is attacked at a crime-writing festival.
Flambeau is stunned to find his estranged father at St Mary’s, who has a dangerous mission in mind.
Father Brown has a lot on his plate when a food fayre comes to Kembleford, bringing murder with it.
Brenda faces ghosts from her past and becomes embroiled in a local dispute that ends in murder.
Father Brown investigates when his old friend Sister Boniface is implicated in the murder of a renowned artist.
Father Brown investigates when rivalries escalate to murderous heights at the Kembleston Olimpicks.
Series 9
Lady Felicia’s lavish New Year ball is ruined when a VIP is murdered.
Father Brown investigates staff at the local health spa when an ex-employee is found murdered.
Bunty reunites with Father Brown to uncover a dark secret at the local girls' borstal.
When Father Brown visits Chummy’s holiday camp, it doesn’t take long for someone to die-de-die.
Father Brown finds his position under threat when he clashes with an influential new parishioner.
Father Brown joins forces with Flambeau to search for a lost treasure in a 15th-century castle.
When a troubled soul from the past returns, Father Brown must investigate the new chapter of the Church of Apollo.
Father Brown must delve into the past and open up old wounds when a child killer is found murdered.
Mrs McCarthy gets an unwelcome birthday surprise when her life is threatened by a mysterious avenging angel.
Goodfellow turns to Father Brown when he witnesses Mallory frame an innocent man.