Foyle's War

Foyle's War catch up

Series 8

Season 8, Episode 3 - Elise

Expired 3.8 54 x
Crime drama series. When Hilda Pierce is nearly killed, Foyle must re-examine her top-secret role during the war to find out if there was a traitor at the heart of SOE.

Season 8, Episode 2 - Trespass

Expired 2.5 13 x
Crime drama series. Foyle wonders if an attack on a student could be racially motivated and Sam is determined to help a young boy who cannot afford hospital care.

Season 8, Episode 1 - High Castle

Expired 3.5 18 x
Post-WWII drama. Now working for British Intelligence, Foyle is drawn into the world of corrupt Nazi businessmen when a London university professor is found murdered.
Series 7

Season 7, Episode 3 - Sunflower

Expired 4.0 42 x
Cold War-era crime drama series. Foyle investigates threats to kill a former Nazi now working for MI5 and Sam is worried that Adam is too busy to hear some big news.

Season 7, Episode 2 - The Cage

Expired 3.0 19 x
Crime drama series. The disappearance of a Foreign Office official appears to explain the deaths of a number of Russian agents working for British Intelligence.

Season 7, Episode 1 - The Eternity Ring

Expired 4.0 16 x
Crime drama series. 1946 - when Foyle arrives home from America, MI5 recruits him to investigate a suspected Soviet spy ring at work in the heart of London.
Series 6

Season 6, Episode 3 - The Hide

Expired 4.5 26 x
Drama series. Foyle battles to save a young man accused of high treason from the executioner's noose in a case that will shake his personal world to the core.
Series 7

Series 7, Episode 2

Expired 3.5 14 x
Foyle takes on the US army as racial prejudices erupt when a local girl is murdered, and the finger of suspicion points to a black GI at the nearby US military base.

Series 7, Episode 1

Expired 4.5 3 x
Foyle and Sam travel to London to track down the suspected killer of Sam's boss, leading them to an international conspiracy that could topple the government.
Series 6

Series 6, Episode 3

Expired 4.0 26 x
May 1945 - Foyle and the team investigate the murder of a Victory Day Celebrations Committee member and dig up one of the war's dirtiest secrets during the investigation.