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Giant Lobster Hunters

Documentary series. Barralee returns to Maatsuyker Island for one last trip.

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Series 3
Giant Lobster Hunters follows the real-life dramas of six lobster boat captains over the last ten weeks of the winter rock lobster hunting season.
Series 4
Documentary series. Clive requires a lot more lobster catches to get into the ascendancy.
Documentary series. Squizzy works hard to fulfil an order of 200 kilograms of lobster.
Documentary series. One of the boats gets a surprise visit from the naval police.
Documentary series. A new journey commences for the six lobster boat captains.
Series 3
Documentary series. The Jager family boat hits the water after a four-month grounding.
Series 2
Documentary series. The Ella Rose is dragged dangerously close to some razor-sharp rocks.
Documentary series. The Bold Contender hits a major crisis during its last winter run leg.
Documentary series. The Ella Rose seeks big reds near Three Hummock Island in Tasmania.
Documentary series. Pyrosomes cause problems for Skipper Squizzy and Deckie Tabor.
Documentary series. The Bold Contender heads to the formidable Pedra Branca.
Documentary series. Newcomer Steve Hursey pulls his first shot of the winter run.
Documentary series. The Kai Koura and Ansons Bay seek a combined total of 1,000 big reds.
Documentary series. Skipper Squizzy heads out early in a bid to get a jump on the fleet.
Series 1
Documentary series. Just three boats are left hunting in the final days of the season.
Documentary series. The Bold Contender motors south to Port Davey for one last try.
Documentary series. Skipper Peter aims to prove his reputation for finding big-money fish.
Documentary series. A bunch of new boats try to capitalise on a rise in lobster prices.
Documentary series. A new boat joins the fleet as Skipper Danny meets his season target.