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Ann Teak's restoration skills are put to the test through fixing a mug and cleaning a painting. Meanwhile, Nana Knickerbocker's cake-making cows are busy in the kitchen.

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Series 1
Gail gets carried away with camouflage when she helps Rapids Johnson search for the Quizzly Bear. Meanwhile, Nana and the bees play a silly game: searching for keys in the gloopy honey.
Keith Fitt tries to juggle and quiz at the same time, while Nana Knickerbocker and her panto frogs play a funny catching game.
In order to win the quiz, Gail becomes a superhero like her teammate Captain Adorable. Meanwhile, Nana Knickerbocker and the Bees play a silly game searching for keys in gloopy honey.
Professor Muddles's new invention, the Quiz Fit, causes chaos for Keith as he tries to exercise and quiz at the same time. Meanwhile, Nana catches cabbages in her Panto Showdown.
The Lost Pirate’s search for buried treasure makes a mess in the GiggleQuiz studio. Meanwhile, Nana Knickerbocker’s panto bees hunt for her missing keys in a gloopy Panto Showdown.
Captain Adorable recruits Gail's toy mascot to be his new sidekick, Super Lorraine. After a flying lesson, Super Lorraine rescues Keith Fitt from a sticky situation.
Dina Lady's brussels sprout cake is a recipe for chaos in today's quiz. Nana Knickerbocker and her panto cows also get busy making cakes.
Inspired by some musical clips, Gail Force turns today's GiggleQuiz into a musical extravaganza!
Professor Muddles uses his latest invention to try and lend a hand around the studio, and Nana Knickerbocker's panto frogs play a game of catch.
Rapids Johnson needs some quizzing assistance so is on the lookout for the Helping Bear. Keith Fitt watches on in disbelief as the bear makes numerous appearances under Rapids' nose!
Ann Teak is convinced that an antique magic wand is a conductor's baton, and Gail Force tries to promote her new autobiography.
Wizard Tripwick attempts to conjure up a Thinking Cap to help Gail win the quiz, while Nana and the panto bees play a silly game: searching for keys in gloopy honey.
Professor Muddles invents a machine to try and improve his team's brainpower, and Nana Knickerbocker's panto cows are busy in the kitchen.
Dina Lady makes a chocolate sandwich cake for the winners of today's quiz. But when the game ends in a draw, Arthur Sleep uses a selection of ties to address the tiebreak situation.
Series 2
Wizard Tripwick swaps his old wand for a brand new one, after yet another one of his spells goes wrong. Meanwhile, Nana and her Panto Frogs go searching for socks in the pond.
Keith Fitt has missed breakfast and his rumbly tummy makes it hard to concentrate, because he keeps thinking about food and not the quiz.
Professor Muddles’ misfiring invention causes him and Keith to accidentally swap bodies. Keith tries to clumsily fix the machine, so they can switch back.
The Lost Pirate finds his treasure chest empty, so he decides to secretly borrow the other players’ stuff to fill his chest and keep their belongings nice and safe.
It’s fly catching aplenty in today’s GiggleQuiz. Keith and Captain Adorable try to catch a fly in the studio, while Nana’s panto spiders try to catch flies in their sticky web.