November 2019

Series 1: 15. Gail Wants to Sing

4.0 1 x
Inspired by some musical clips, Gail Force turns today's GiggleQuiz into a musical extravaganza!

Series 1: 14. Professor Muddles' Handy Invention

3.0 0 x
Professor Muddles uses his latest invention to try and lend a hand around the studio, and Nana Knickerbocker's panto frogs play a game of catch.

Series 1: 13. Rapids Johnson's Helping Bear

4.0 0 x
Rapids Johnson needs some quizzing assistance so is on the lookout for the Helping Bear. Keith Fitt watches on in disbelief as the bear makes numerous appearances under Rapids' nose!

Series 1: 12. Ann Teak's Antique Wand

4.0 0 x
Ann Teak is convinced that an antique magic wand is a conductor's baton, and Gail Force tries to promote her new autobiography.

Series 1: 11. Gail Force's Thinking Cap

4.0 1 x
Wizard Tripwick attempts to conjure up a thinking cap to help Gail win the quiz, while Nana and the panto bees play a silly game: searching for keys in gloopy honey.

Series 1: 10. Professor Muddles' Brain Buster

4.0 0 x
Professor Muddles invents a machine to try and improve his team's brainpower, and Nana Knickerbocker's panto cows are busy in the kitchen.

Series 1: 9. Arthur's Tie Break

3.0 1 x
Dina Lady makes a chocolate sandwich cake for the winners of today's quiz. But when the game ends in a draw, Arthur Sleep uses a selection of ties to address the tiebreak situation.

Series 1: 8. Ann Teak's Painting

4.0 1 x
Ann Teak's restoration skills are put to the test through fixing a mug and cleaning a painting. Meanwhile, Nana Knickerbocker's cake-making cows are busy in the kitchen.

Series 1: 7. Rapids Johnson's Quizzly Bear

4.0 1 x
Gail gets carried away with camouflage when she helps Rapids Johnson search for the Quizzly Bear. Meanwhile, Nana and the bees play a silly game: searching for keys in the gloopy honey.

Series 1: 6. Keith Fitt's Juggling

4.0 0 x
Keith Fitt tries to juggle and quiz at the same time, while Nana Knickerbocker and her panto frogs play a funny catching game.
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