Home Sweet Rome

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Home Sweet Rome

After her dad falls in love with a pop star, Lucy learns to love her new home... Rome!

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Lucy is invited to Charlotte’s slumber party. Nico attempts to meet his favourite TV star.
Lucy meets Francesca’s parents and learns more about her family. Kyla teams up with Jimmy.
At the Empire Europe Cup, Lucy makes a friend. Francesca fends off nerves... and Emilia.
Episodes 2023
Lucy desperately wants a moped of her own. Francesca’s harmless white lie causes trouble.
Lucy spends the night at home alone while Dad is the rock star at an archaeology conference.
Lucy and Kyla do everything they can to celebrate their favourite holiday together.
Lucy is homesick, so Francesca tries to cheer her up. Kyla helps her stepmum’s business.
Lucy reinvents herself on a field trip. Francesca gets distracted from a big opportunity.
Lucy and Francesca attend a red carpet event. Dad dresses up to make himself seem cooler.
Lucy starts school in Rome, and her new pop star stepmum wants her to call her 'mum'!
Lucy gets a big opportunity that could change everything - even her friendship with Kyla!
Lucy feels stuck between being a kid and growing up. Francesca looks for the perfect gift.
Lucy tries to mend Nico and Charlotte’s friendship, while Dad and Francesca get competitive.