Inside No 9

Series 6

Series 6, Episode 6 - Last Night of the Proms

4.0 10 x
Dawn and Mick are hosting their annual Last Night of the Proms party, the perfect antidote to post-Brexit Britain. But not everyone is singing from the same song sheet.

Series 6, Episode 5 - How Do You Plead

3.0 1 x
Urban knows that Webster is not well and is not an easy man to look after, but on this particular night, something is coming that will test both of them to the very end.

Series 6, Episode 4 - Hurry Up and Wait

3.0 8 x
Actor James is waiting for his big moment on ITV’s new crime drama in a static caravan, owned by a strange family that clearly have something to hide.

Series 6, Episode 3 - Lip Service

3.0 22 x
Series 6, Episode 3 - Lip Service of the TV-show Inside No 9 was broadcast by BBC2 on Monday 24 May 2021 at 21:30.

Series 6, Episode 2 - Simon Says

4.0 21 x
Everyone says the Season 7 finale of fantasy epic The Ninth Circle was pretty disappointing. But not everyone thinks that it has to be the end of the matter.

Series 6, Episode 1 - Wuthering Heist

4.5 13 x
Pantalone has in an audacious plan to steal a consignment of diamonds worth a tasty £12 million. But he has hired a complete bunch of double-crossing clowns to do it.

Series 5: 6. The Stakeout

4.0 10 x
Dark comedy. Two police officers get to know each other on the night shift. But PC Thompson’s previous partner died in a brutal attack, and PC Varney is asking a lot of awkward questions.

Series 5: 5. Thinking Out Loud

3.0 17 x
Seven disparate characters share their stories with a camera, their fates inevitably, inextricably and unknowingly set for a head-on collision.

Series 5: 4. Misdirection

4.0 13 x
Dark comedy. World-famous magician Neville Griffin is extremely protective of his secrets - he believes that stealing a magic trick is worse than murder. How would he know that, exactly?

Series 5: 3. Love's Great Adventure

3.0 20 x
Trevor and Julia always want to make Christmas special for their family, but this year, with money so tight, things aren’t going to be easy. Everyone will have to do their bit.