Inside No 9


February 21, 2017

3.0 9 x
A brand new season of Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith's award-winning anthology of comedy dramas.

December 27, 2016

Expired 4.0 8 x
Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith's award-winning anthology of comedy dramas returns with a seasonal special.

Series 2: 6. Seance Time

Expired 3.0 15 x
Having never consulted the spirit world before, Tina isn't quite sure what to expect. Her visit to the spiritualist medium Madam Talbot has been arranged by her sister. Hives, Talbot's assistant in the mundane world, seems quite helpful, but there's...

Series 2: 5. Nana's Party

Expired 3.0 19 x
It is Nana's special day: it isn't every day you get to be 79. She is excited about spending the afternoon with her whole family - even Pat and Jim, who both love a great practical joke. Her Angela has put on a lovely spread, including a huge cake. ...

Series 2: 4. Cold Comfort

Expired 3.0 14 x
It's Andy's first day as a volunteer at the Comfort Support Line call centre, which offers the lonely and desperate a chance to talk about their problems. All the CSL counsellors have their own ways of dealing with clients, coping with the emotional...
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