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Zaagville becomes a crime scene when SMoRCLeWa’s town is griefed. Everyone is a suspect, so it’s time to call in an old friend to solve the mystery.

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Series 3
It’s the day Sol becomes a man, but he’s playing Zaag with his rabbi instead of writing the speech for his bar mitzvah. Who can save him from himself?
Sol and Team SMoRcLEWA take on the greedy boss of Zaagstar Games. Can they stop him?
Good and evil battle in Zaag and at the Respawn Point, as Arul wants some peace from his messy brothers, while everyone else wants some peace from Lok’s annoying singing.
Mo is fasting for Ramadan, and Sol is furious that Tiana has hired a celebrity chef for a vegan pop-up and is full of non-gamers. Is this the end of the Respawn Point as we know it?
It’s player v player for Sol and Wei and their super-competitive grandmas. Arul and his brother test their luck in a tabletop miniquest, and Stefan’s nutty secret is revealed.
Leah’s big day out at a circus school turns catastrophic
Fresh faces join Team SMoRCLe as Sol and his friends ready up for the Zaag Rumble and try to escape Becca’s zombie house party.
Series 2
It could be all over for Team SMoRCLe, unless one more winning combo move can save the day!
SMoRCLe goes global as the team search Zaag for a legendary Korean player. Instead they find puppets, rabbits, robots, spiders, sand worms and some very familiar faces.
A Quest Elf brings new adventures with cakes, quacks, hats and crowns for Team SMoRCLe.
Mo and Leah hatch a secret plan, while a talking emoji gives Cedric and Ray sad faces, and Sol gets a Boss Level job.
Sol is over the moon that the voice of Zaag Rex Moon is guesting at the Respawn Point. All he has to do is not accidentally kidnap him and take him for Polish crisps and chicken salad.
While Sol becomes a big business guru, Leah, Mo and Ray are at a hostile hospital. And a chaos-causing doctor seems to turn up everywhere.
Wizard, warrior, hero, hamster - it’s all change for Team SMoRCLe as new Zaag Avatars drop. Time for everyone to get their game faces on and work out who they really are.
Sol’s Dad loses a fight with a tree on the SMoRCle livestream, and the internet goes wild for it. Meanwhile, Cedric blows up when his gift to Ray goes missing.
Leah dares to scare Team SMoRCLe when she borrows the spookiest game ever. But the real horror is Mo’s bottom!
Sol battles the new boss-level baddie, Mo is powering up a possible puppy, Leah clashes with her clan, and Cedric and Ray fight physics with an ironing board!
Series 1
TEAM SMoRCLe are finally going to be together at Gamingcon. However, as the boys start to spread out, Sol feels his team are falling apart.
When Ray gets Sol’s stolen game back, Sol treats him like a hero – until Ray won’t leave! Sol soon starts wishing Ray would leave and let him play his new game.