Made In Chelsea: Corsica

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Made In Chelsea: Corsica

Brand new series: As the summer draws to a close, everyone is avoiding Yas and Sam and their blossoming romance, until Miles confronts Sam in a dramatic showdown at the villa. (Ep5/5)

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August 2023
Brand new series: Liv has landed in Corsica, and she's quick to confront Yas. A lunch party is hijacked by explosive revelations that leave the friendship group in tatters. (Ep4/5)
Brand new series: Liv fights back when she hears about Yas and Tristan's romance. Inga hears some gossip that has catastrophic repercussions. Robbie and Joel want a threesome. (Ep3/5)
Brand new series: There's plenty of fallout following a raucous night of drinking games when half of the Chelsea set end up kissing each other. Sam has doubts about being with Inga. (Ep2/5)
Brand new series: The gang jet off for a summer of fun on the breathtaking island of Corsica, where Miles hopes to rekindle things with French bombshell Jane. But then Yas turns up. (Ep1/5)