A Place in the Sun

November 2018

Winter Sun: Florida Gulf Coast

3.0 1 x
Active couple Steven Weald and Sue Upson are looking to invest £150,000 in a winter home north of Naples on Florida's Gulf Coast

Winter Sun: South Orlando

3.0 3 x
Melvyn and Patricia Whitton have £180,000 to spend on a five-bedroom house to which they can invite their family for holidays in the sun

Winter Sun: Sarasota Bay

3.0 2 x
Rob and Jan Porter have £120,000 to spend on a holiday home in the Sarasota Bay area on Florida's Gulf Coast. They're looking for a two-bedroom property where they can escape the winters of England.

Winter Sun: Orlando

3.0 3 x
Jonnie Irwin shows David and Christina Hurst how far their £150,000 budget will go in Orlando, Florida. They're looking for a holiday home where they can spend several months a year when they retire.


4.0 2 x
Trever and Reiss have fallen in love with Florida and would like to live there half the year. Will any of the properties Scarlette shows them around stylish Naples be their ideal home?

Winter Sun: Tampa Bay

3.0 0 x
Jonnie Irwin shows Jacky and Peter Kennett how far their £150,000 budget will stretch in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Winter Sun: Sarasota

3.0 0 x
Postman Ian Tan and his partner Christine Walsh, a housing officer, want to buy a holiday home near Sarasota in Florida with a flexible budget of between £150,000 and £250,000

Winter Sun: Clearwater, Florida

3.0 0 x
Jill and Philip Hefford are on the hunt for a new home for Philip's daughter who lives near Clearwater in Florida. Jonnie Irwin shows them a selection of what's available for their £125,000 budget.

Winter Sun: St Lucia

3.0 4 x
Colin and Veronica Moore love the Caribbean island of St Lucia. Adrian Simpson shows them properties on the market for their budget of £200,000.

Winter Sun: Malta

3.0 3 x
Mike and Dianne love Malta and are now in a position to find a holiday home on the island. Danni Menzies shows them a mix of homes, but will they like any of them enough to make an offer?
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