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A Place in the Sun

January 2020

Winter Sun: Almeria Province

4.0 2 x
Reality TV star and choreographer Louie Spence and his husband Leto Fernandez dream of owning a holiday home in Spain's Almeria Province. Laura shows them five fantastic properties.

Winter Sun: Western Algarve

3.0 1 x
Glenda and Tina from Dorset are looking for the perfect holiday home in Portugal's Western Algarve where they can spend time walking their dog Lady and enjoying the rich local history.

Summer Sun: The Algarve

1.5 10 x
Leyla and Will from Leeds have hectic working lives, but now they're ready to slow down and buy their very own place in the sun. Scarlette shows them five stunning villas on the Algarve.

Winter Sun: Florida

4.0 6 x
Emma and David Martin-Jewell from South Wales are looking for a dream holiday home for their family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ben Hillman shows them five homes for their £275,000 budget.

Winter Sun: Barbados

4.0 5 x
Andy Forsyth and his partner Jacqui have three children between them and have decided the time is right to follow their dream and buy a second home on the Caribbean island of Barbados

Winter Sun: Orlando

3.0 0 x
Alan and Jayne from Devon have been holidaying in Orlando for years and are ready to splash out on a holiday home in the Sunshine State, with the help of Laura and a budget of £115,000.

Winter Sun: Aruba

4.5 5 x
Dentist Michelle and entrepreneur Marshal fell in love with the Caribbean island of Aruba three years ago. Scarlette Douglas helps them find a holiday home for under £130,000.

Summer Sun: Cyprus

3.0 0 x
John and Della Baines think Cyprus is the perfect spot for a holiday home. Jasmine Harman shows them five great value apartments in and around the west coast resort of Paphos.


3.5 4 x
Peter and his mum Greta from Hull are banking on Jonnie Irwin to help find Peter his dream property in Huelva, Spain. The pressure is on as this will be a permanent relocation.

Summer Sun: Dordogne

3.0 2 x
Avon and Giovanna from Leicestershire are looking for a summer getaway in the Dordogne, with a view to retiring there in a few years. Ben Hillman shows them what their £100,000 will buy.
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