A Place in the Sun

August 2020

S14 E77: Mon 10 Aug 2020: Inland Costa Blanca, Spain

3.5 9 x
Wendy and Lee want a traditional Spanish countryside property that's big enough for their two children, their Dobermann and their parrot. Can Jasmine Harman find the one for £150,000?

S1 E37: Home or Away: Cheltenham vs Costa del Sol

3.0 10 x
Jasmine Harman and Sara Damergi help Matthew and Myra find a place to retire to. But will it be in Cheltenham, or will Spain's Costa del Sol win them over?

S13 E26: Vera

4.0 10 x
Mal and Sue from Suffolk fell in love with Spain over 15 years ago and now want to retire there. Danni Menzies shows them five properties in the Vera region for their £70,000 budget.

S1 E36: Home or Away: Yorkshire vs Costa Granadina, Spain

4.0 7 x
Lisa and Stuart Newby are torn between a holiday home on Yorkshire's 'Dinosaur Coast' or a place on the Costa Granadina in Spain. Laura Hamilton and Sara Damergi help them decide.

S1 E35: Home or Away: East Devon vs Andalucia

4.0 3 x
Marc and Lucy are torn between east Devon - where Marc grew up - and Comares in Andalucia, southern Spain, as they seek out a holiday home, with the help of Laura Hamilton and Sara Damergi.

S1 E34: Home or Away: Spain vs Warwickshire

3.0 5 x
Kim Smith is desperate to start a new life in southern Spain, near Antequera. But her husband Pete doesn't feel ready to move there just yet and would rather buy in Warwickshire.

S11 E86: Winter Sun: Florida

4.0 11 x
Emma and David Martin-Jewell from south Wales are looking for a dream holiday home for their family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ben Hillman shows them five homes for their £275,000 budget.

S13 E16: Gran Canaria

3.0 6 x
Ben Hillman helps childhood sweethearts Michelle and Fred find their dream holiday home on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria for £190,000.

S11 E98: Winter Sun: Barbados

4.0 3 x
Andy Forsyth and his partner Jacqui have three children between them and have decided the time is right to follow their dream and buy a second home on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

S1 E33: Home or Away: Fuerteventura vs Isle of Wight

3.0 2 x
Neil and Steph are torn between moving full-time to either sunny Fuerteventura or the Isle of Wight. Jasmine Harman and Sara Damergi help them make up their minds.
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