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MasterChef’s 20th series comes to a nail-biting end, with just one challenge standing between the final three and a place in the MasterChef Hall of Fame.

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Series 20
It’s finals week as the MasterChef anniversary celebrations continue, and two incredible challenges await our final four.
The finalists jet across the globe for the trip of a lifetime to Singapore – a country of six million, brimming with diverse cuisines and cultures.
It’s all on the line as the semi-finals come to an end. The fabulous five now have one shot of making the ultimate leap into Finals Week.
As the semi-finals continue, it’s down to the remaining six amateurs to stave off the competition with a dish that turns on the theatrics.
It’s semi-finals time on MasterChef, and for the remaining eight, a new set of adventures await. Everything is on the line, as those who come out on top will be rewarded with a place in Finals Week.
Knockout Week draws to a close as the week’s best cooks return to compete for a place in this year’s semi-finals.
Knockout Week continues, and the second group of eight remaining amateurs return to MasterChef for the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to cook in their first professional kitchen.
The first group of eight head into battle and are hit with an Invention Test. The larder has been stocked with some of the finest foods, so the only limitation will be the contestants’ imaginations.
It’s all to play for as this week’s six best comeback contestants return for the last quarter-final and the chance to push on into Knockout Week.
Five more comeback contestants return to the competition to try their luck again. A quarter-final place awaits those who outperform the others across two tough challenges.
MasterChef 2024 has reached the final week of heats, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary, ten familiar faces have been invited back to battle for the title for the second time in Comeback Week.
It’s quarter-final time, as this week’s six best cooks don their well-earned MasterChef aprons ready to bring their A-game. A place in Knockout Week is now within touching distance.
It's the last chance for MasterChef novices to enter the arena as six new amateurs give their all to win the right to wear a gleaming apron.
Week four of the heats has arrived, and 12 fresh-faced contenders are pinning their hopes on winning a MasterChef apron - their ticket to progress in the competition.
The third quarter-final gets underway, and this week’s most exceptional cooks must push themselves further to hold on to their place in the competition.
Six more brave souls take on the MasterChef challenge, but they will need to win an apron for the adventure to take off.
Television’s biggest cooking competition continues with a third week of culinary heats. Twelve more of the country’s best amateur cooks must go all out for the chance to reach the quarter-final.
It’s the second quarter-final, and this week’s most talented amateurs return to test their mettle with their sights set on a place in Knockout Week. But getting there won’t be easy.
Six more amateur cooks kick-start their MasterChef adventure as they go all out to get their hands on their very own MasterChef apron, before battling for a place in this week’s quarter-final.