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Milo The Paleontologist and his friends join Heidi to dig up buried dinosaur bones.

Series 1
The trio build a robot - and end up scaring the whole town!
Milo and his pals are thrilled to help Vincent Verona direct his new superhero movie.
Milo, Lofty and Lark are working to keep everyone safe at the beach from Mr Croc's plan.
Milo, Lofty and Lark have to get the park ready for a big competition.
As Mrs Sweep faces a pickled onion emergency, Milo and his pals are keen to clean.
Milo, Lofty and Lark help Doc Diamond look after some animals on Farmer Tilly's farm.
Milo and his pals are happy to step in to teach Miss Stern's evening-class students.
Milo, Lofty and Lark take Rodney's place in the Bake-A-Thon Tent when he's called away.
While helping Otto with building jobs, Milo & his friends quickly get in over their heads.
Milo, Lofty and Lark are invted to write a new story for Milotown s Book Festival.
Chef Pierre invites the intrepid trio to the high seas to catch fish for his restaurant.
Milo, Lofty, and Lark compete against Crafty Mr. Croc at The Milotown Epic Athletics.
Milo, Lofty and Lark answer distress calls despite the excitement of flying a helicopter.
Milo and friends help Farmer Tilly by making jam at the factory.
Milo and his pals represent Turbo Taxis getting Dame Delores for her big concert.
Milo, Lofty and Lark are enlisted to protect the Royal Cookbook from Crafty Mr Croc.
Milo, Lofty and Lark are delighted to enter the Big Top to entertain the audience.
Milo, Lofty and Lark report into Mission Control theyre soon on their way to the moon.
Milo, Lofty and Lark run the dentist surgery, and everyone gets a dazzling smile!