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Five and friends discover a way to make themselves ten times bigger!

April 2024
The Numberblocks learn to make 3D shapes using 2D ones.
The Numberblocks build a magnificent play fort for the Numberblobs, exploring the use of cubes, cuboids, pyramids and prisms.
Four and Two dive into Flatland to go to a shape party! They meet a variety of 2D shapes - circles, different-sized triangles and quadrilaterals - and learn about their properties.
Welcome to the Big Top, where Thirty and friends show off their circus tricks.
Ten puts the Numberblobs to sleep by singing them a special version of the nursery rhyme Ten in the Bed.
The squares explore an ancient temple in search of a really, really big square.
Twenty and chums find out what happens when you go past bus stop 20.
Three invites the others to her super new go-kart track, where you must divide into Threes to drive.
They came from outer space to divide the Numberblocks into Twos. Who can stop the invasion of the Terrible Twos?
The Numberblocks play dominoes and try to reach the golden double six domino and win a prize. They learn about the different patterns on the faces.
One, Two and Three use a dice-making machine to figure out how to give everyone a fair go. They explore the properties of dice and mathematical fairness.
The Numberblocks and Numberblobs have to do some clever counting to cross a sticky swamp and reach the perfect place for a picnic.
The Numberblocks are painting each other on their canvases, but Three has painted Two with one too many blocks.
One and friends can only escape from the Lair of Shares by learning how to share and solving the puzzles inside.
In the Pattern Palace, Six sings a song telling us about the different types of pattern all around us. Can you spot them all?
Super-rectangle Twelve helps the super-excited Numberblobs work out how many tokens they need for each fairground ride.
Ten launches her rocket Rides into space using a rekenrek, a counting frame with ten beads on each row, which helps calculate the value of each ride into pennies.
Super-speedy Numberblock Eighteen discovers a faster way to add a number together lots of times.
The Numberblocks transport block fruit to Blockzilla and learn about weight using a pair of balancing scales.