August 2019

Series 4: 30. More to Explore

4.0 15 x
It's time for the grand finale but the number fun doesn't stop here - there's so much more to explore!

Series 4: 29. One Thousand and One

3.0 7 x
One wonders if anyone could be bigger than One Hundred, and has a big think about some very big numbers indeed.

Series 4: 28. One Hundred

4.0 3 x
One Hundred shows us what she's made of in a big song about being big.

Series 4: 27. The Big One

3.0 7 x
One has found a way to keep adding Ones all the way to Ninety-nine. But what on earth comes next?

Series 4: 26. Sixty's High Score

4.0 8 x
It's time to meet Sixty and friends in a rocket-powered game of How Many Tens.

Series 4: 25. Fifty

3.0 5 x
Superstar Fifty rocks out the Numberland stadium with her shining gold guitar.

Series 4: 24. Land of the Giants

3.0 4 x
Five and friends discover a way to make themselves ten times bigger!

Series 4: 23. Thirty's Big Top

3.0 2 x
Welcome to the Big Top, where Thirty and friends show off their circus tricks.

Series 4: 22. We’re Going on a Square Hunt

4.0 5 x
The squares explore an ancient temple in search of a really, really big square.

Series 4: 21. Twenty One and On

4.0 6 x
Twenty and chums find out what happens when you go past bus stop 20.
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