March 2021

Series 5: Making Patterns

4.0 15 x
Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight explore the new Pattern Wall at the Gallery.

Series 5: Hidden Talents

4.0 9 x
Twenty-Six enters Fifteen's Talent Show... and finds some hidden talents!

Series 5: The Team Factor

4.0 13 x
Welcome to the Team Tag Arena for another exciting match! Who will be left standing?

Series 5: Rectangle Racers

3.0 7 x
At the Rays Track, Twenty-Four is ready to race all day and all night!

Series 5: How Rectangly!

4.0 8 x
Twenty-One helps some new friends find out how many rectangles they can make.

Series 5: Odd Side Story

3.0 6 x
How do the Odd Blocks and Even Tops work out who's best? Dance!

Series 5: Two Times Shoe Shop

3.0 8 x
Two discovers a magical shoe shop and the even more magical Two Times Table.

Series 5: Twoland

3.0 4 x
What if Two was the first Numberblock? Imagine that!

Series 5: Ten Vaulting

3.0 5 x
The Numberblocks compete in the finals of the Ten-vaulting contest.

Series 5: The Many Friends of Twenty

4.0 1 x
Twenty enters the Pattern Palace to find out who his Twenty-friends are.