Episode 4 The Gathering

4.0 33 x
As Claire lays careful plans to escape during the gathering of the MacKenzie clan, the rivalry that has been brewing between Jamie and Dougal intensifies

Episode 3 The Way Out

4.0 36 x
As Castle Leoch is readied for a gathering of the MacKenzie clan, Claire's attempt to treat a young poisoning victim puts her at odds with a powerful priest who wants to perform an exorcism on the boy

Episode 2 Castle Leoch

3.0 54 x
Following her rescue by Dougal, Claire arrives at the MacKenzie clan's home, Castle Leoch, where her skills as a healer arouse interest and she's dogged by rumours that she's a spy

Episode 1 Sassenach

3.0 84 x
Scottish rebels save Claire from an assault by a British army officer who is her husband's ancestor, and then take her away with them, further into the Highlands, where she meets an injured young man
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