July 2020

Series 4 Episode 13

3.0 49 x
Brand new series - Man of Worth: In the series four finale, Brianna prepares to deliver her baby at River Run, and Jamie and Claire meet resistance negotiating Roger's freedom. (S4 Ep13)

Series 4 Episode 12

3.5 32 x
Brand new series - Providence: Brianna asks Lord John Grey to help her confront the trauma of her sexual assault. And Fergus enlists the Regulators to free Murtagh. (S4 Ep12)

Series 4 Episode 11

4.0 42 x
Brand new series - If Not For Hope: As Jamie and Claire head north to search for Roger, Brianna is sent to be cared for by Jocasta at River Run. (S4 Ep11)

Series 4 Episode 10

3.0 42 x
Brand new series - The Deep Heart's Core: As a pregnant Brianna struggles following her assault, the truth about her attacker's identity sends Jamie and Claire in search of Roger. (S4 Ep10)

Series 4 Episode 9

3.0 26 x
Brand new series - The Birds & The Bees: Struggling to recover from Roger's absence and Bonnet's sexual assault, Brianna looks to get to Fraser's Ridge. (S4 Ep9)
June 2020

Series 4 Episode 8

3.0 42 x
Brand new series - Wilmington: Roger arrives in Wilmington looking for Brianna, and Jamie and Claire must keep Governor Tryon from ambushing Murtagh and the Regulators. (S4 Ep8)

Series 4 Episode 7

3.3 54 x
Brand new series - Down the Rabbit Hole: Brianna travels through time at Craigh Na Dun to intervene in her parents' death at Fraser's Ridge. (S4 Ep7)

Series 4 Episode 6

3.7 46 x
Brand new series - Blood of My Blood: Jamie encounters some shadows from his past when he returns to Fraser's Ridge with Murtagh. (S4 Ep6)

Series 4 Episode 5

3.0 51 x
Brand new series - Savages: Jamie's trip to find settlers for Fraser's Ridge reveals anti-British sentiment. Claire struggles to keep the peace between the neighbours and Cherokee. (S4 Ep5)
May 2020

Series 4 Episode 4

3.0 62 x
Brand new series - Common Ground: Jamie and Claire face a series of unexpected challenges as they establish their homestead on Fraser's Ridge. (S4 Ep4)
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