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Planet Defenders

Film-maker Ash is on a mission to help protect India’s only ape: the hoolock gibbon. On her mission, she meets a scientist working to save the species with the help of local villagers.

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Series 1
Elephant fanatic Malaika is on a mission to uncover why these beautiful animals are in danger and goes undercover to find out more about elephants in India's tourist trade.
Wildlife presenter Megan is on a mission to uncover the threats facing sharks in UK waters and across the globe and explores what can be done to protect these unique animals.
Jahawi is passionate about saving marine wildlife in Kenya, including a rare species of dolphin. He hopes to get his local area protected as a marine reserve before it’s too late.
Adventurer Erin is on a mission to film rockhopper penguins on the Falkland Islands and find out why these charismatic creatures are facing serious threats to their survival.
Environmentalist Jack Harries is on a mission to film beavers, red squirrels, pine martens and Scottish wildcats, as he investigates the impact of rewilding projects in the UK.