Ronnie's Redneck Road Trip

October 2019


4.0 61 x
How will burly repo guy Ron Shirley fare in oh-so-polite Blighty? Find out here! Ronnie is jubilant when he locates the Ferrari - but Moose refuses to call off the fight.


4.5 25 x
Lizard Lick's Ron Shirley is in for a culture shock as he crosses the Atlantic! Ronnie is determined to stop Amy fighting for Moose and gets a lead on the stolen Ferrari.


3.0 16 x
Comic capers with the burly car trader. Ronnie turns to a moneylender to buy a Ferrari, but disaster strikes when our hero is kicked out of his digs - and the car vanishes!


4.3 110 x
Lizard Lick's repo crew get into more scrapes in the UK. When moneylender Moose discovers that Amy is an MMA fighter, he has a proposition to help clear Ronnie's debt.


4.0 17 x
A massive culture shock for the Lizard Lick star, who gets a taste of British high society when he attends an uphill vintage car race and is challenged to a shooting match.


3.0 32 x
Lizard Lick's burly repo man turns international car dealer! The wife of darts ace Peter 'Snakebite' Wright wants a rare Cobra for his birthday. Sonny removes the graffiti.


3.0 12 x
A real comedic culture clash as Lizard Lick's Ron Shirley heads to the UK. With Suicide on board, the team hunt for new premises. Anthony eyes up a rare Metro Tickford.


4.0 7 x
The Lizard Lick star heads across the pond. The day of the grand opening arrives. Ronnie lends a Chrysler to help Amy out - a car that Anthony had already lined up a buyer for.


4.5 42 x
Lock up your motors: Lizard Lick's Ron Shirley is coming to the UK! He's on the trail of a vintage Bentley for a client back in the US, but he soon decides to stick around.


4.0 21 x
Lizard Lick's Ron Shirley crosses the pond to snap up Blighty's best motors. Ron gets into an arm wrestling contest with a mechanic called Suicide - and offers him a job!